Back to that Strange Place

You know the place.

Where real life crashes up against fantasy? Where the will to accomplish something is there but there is no time, nor energy?


I’m in that place.

It has been a very busy day in nillaville, and I’m not ashamed to say that I am fucking ass tired.


Today I exercised, with an internet companion, which was a BLAST…sure kept me motivated. I had the normal 1,001 things to take care of in the house, got all my chores done, motivated my kids to help (isn’t that a task and a half some days!?!) AND went to work.

I was even too tired to stay up to watch the Westminster Kennel Club dog show…and I watch that every year (thank goodness for VCR’s!).

And I have a very important task ahead of me…an orgasm to catch, and I am tired enough that it could take some time to ‘get there’ …tho my current masturbation fantasy is wicked and dark and kinda gets me there fast… 🙂

So…no story today.

I talked to Master on my way home from work tonight. I’ve been considering dying my hair brunette.


I’m still not loving the red it is. And was thinking brunette-ish red…He does like the darker red tones.

And I was thinking about doing it myself because all the dye from the hair dresser washed out. That made me sad. But I might try one more time … I’m just at a loss and really I do LIKE being a redhead.

Master asked me what was the motivation behind changing my hair color. Was I hating it? Was it too bland or too something? Or was I just bored.

Good questions.

Oh, and by the way?

He also said this hair obsessive shit is making Him fucking nuts.

He said that.


and made me giggle. He doesn’t want it to look cheap. He doesn’t like it orange-red. And He is fine with whatever I do to it…within those parameters, with the understanding that if He hates it, I must fix it pronto.


All that said, there is no story for you all today. Sorry. I’m just totally out of sexah words. Tomorrow will be better, and I’ll be back up and running–so to speak–after a good night’s rest.

Night, all!

oh…proof reading I see that I said that part already. And you’ve already read this far and seen there was no story just nilla ramblings…*massive yawn*…


told ya I was a tired old slut! Okay, it is time to take my butt to bed. For tonight I sleep, and tomorrow I write… 🙂

11 thoughts on “Back to that Strange Place

  1. “He doesn’t want it to look cheap. He doesn’t like it orange-red.”
    He just doesn’t want to have to take up the conga drum and start talking in a Cuban accent… (and since i realize you’re younger than me, I mean he doesn’t want you looking like Lucy Ricardo from “I Love Lucy”!)

    1. I love Lucille Ball (I’m old enough to remember watching I Love Lucy…that heart being drawn on screen and the words appearing inside was like magic!) and I LOVE her hair. but Yes…that is what He does NOT want!

      My hair dissatisfaction seems to be over…for now. !!


  2. Oh a good nights sleep is the perfect remedy. Do you still use a VCR? I think your day was successful…you motivated your kids. That can be Hurculean!


    1. well, I have a DVR too, but I couldn’t remember what to call it – yeah, I was *that* tired…!

      Not a better sleep until Thursday night when Master tucked me into bed and set me to sleep…and it worked!

      That’s me! Momma Hercules!



    1. shhhh, don’t tell anyone until I post on Sunday ( 🙂 )
      but I’m taking a few days off.

      I’m SO tired of being tired.


      who now has TWO littles at home with fevers.

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