She woke, cold.


Unable to move. Unable to speak. Unable to see.

“There you are, sweet slut. I can tell by your struggles that you’re finally awake. I didn’t think you would react to the drug so strongly.”

Drug? He’d drugged her.

Fog clouded her brain.

Who was he?

Where was she?

A finger stroked down her cheek, the nail scratching a thin line.  She felt something on her chest, a breath of air. The sound of feet on the floor. Moving away, then closer.

Arching, muffled noises of protest against the wadded gag in her mouth.

Cold mist of water sprayed on her body.

The click and whirr of a camera.

“Gorgeous. Your nipples are so tight. The water beading your flesh, the rising of goosebumps.”

He muttered almost under his breath.

Another squirt, trying to twist away, tensing as the icy cold water cascaded over her.

Footsteps moving away, then the sound of scrabbling of something. Familiar. But…what?

Footsteps moving closer, another scream as his hand pressed against her lower lips, pressing something freezing against her warm core.

Pressing it into her cunt.

Head shaking, wrists tugged, protesting.

Legs unable to bend, tied to something hard and straight, keeping her open.

Feeling of fucking, fucking, the shocking cold thing moving in and out of her making her shiver violently.

Pushed home, inside of her, whimpers, moans, tears under the mask.

So cold.

So fucking cold.





Spray of cold attacking her flesh like needles, each drop a piercing painful bite of cold.



“Gorgeous, yes, arch, just like that…oh baby, so fucking gorgeous. Yes, it hurts, it’s cold and you hate that I know. You told me you hated cold and I saw this picture in my head at that moment. Such a beautiful moment…”



“Good girl, get your reward,”

The click and hummm of a vibe, the weight of it, pushed against her throbbing clit.

Arching, cumming, exploding, pushing the ice dildo out of her with her paroxysms, melting the ice inside her with her hot juices, feeling the release in every cold-tormented fold.

Click, click…the sound of an air conditioner, its chill breath spewing into the room, freezing her tears as he picks up the bottle and sprays her again.

“The making of the Ice Maiden, that’s what we shall call it,” he murmurs, as he pumps the water over her.

She shivers violently, crying harder.




11 thoughts on “Shiver

  1. You know, these kinds of fantasies are what we get for living in COLD climates. We pull out our toys and think… “oh, it isn’t that bad”, only to discover it is. Brrrr! And then the monsters come out to play.

    Good story!

    • I have not. I don’t LIKE cold on my bits, thanks. 🙂

      Master has put ice cubes on me and in me… (I melt them in under 30 seconds…coz…yanno…i’m that hot n horny..!)


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