Orgasmic Stranger (5)

She had no idea where in the room they were. One moment her hand had been pressed against an impressively growing hard-on, the next she was back to being pushed across the room by his hand in her hair. They stopped again, and she had the feeling of something in front of her.

“I know I’ve said it before, but your acquiescence is assumed from this point on, unless you decide to throw a safe-word at me. I rarely use them with subs once we’ve played together for a while, but as we start it’s a good bench-mark for me. Do you understand a safeword?”

“Yes. Sir. It’s a word that I won’t forget no matter what’s going on. Like … pizza.”

“You want to yelp “pizza” to end a scene?” He laughed.

“Well…it’s one I won’t forget.” Her voice was defensive.

“Neither will I, little girl. Pizza it is. Now, you won’t be needing this anymore today.”

She felt his fingers working the buttons of her blouse. While she might have protested if she could see, putting her in darkness seemed to give her anonymity. Rather like a little kid hiding her eyes, she knew, and thinking that no one could see her.  Goosebumps dotted her shoulders. He’d taken her shirt, her shield. She couldn’t see, but she could feel. He had been right to note that she’d feel more with her eyes shuttered. Frowning, she realized that he’d been right about everything, so far.

She was unused to that. Then again, she was in unknown waters here. She shivered, feeling her nipples rise again. Where was he? She could hear other people moving around the room, the occasional moan, and once, the wet sounds of someone obviously fucking. It made her want. This whole scenario made her so aware of her body. Her nipples hurt they were so hard, and her pussy was wet.  Trying to remember the last time she was this turned on with virtually no foreplay, she was startled when she felt his fingers press onto her shoulders.

He was behind her.

Relief flooded her. Not certain why, exactly, but it helped to know where he was. Had he been staring at her? Her belly was round, her chin sagged a bit, and her tits were large and cumbersome; she was unlike those skinny girls in the porno flicks.  She swallowed nervously. He’d done nothing except touch her shoulders with his fingertips.

Lips moved along the base of her neck; another shiver wracked her.

“No holding back,” his voice warned, a moment before he bit her.