Orgasmic Stranger (6)

In the darkness, pain was unexpected, unseen, unprepared for. His teeth clamped onto her shoulder, biting into the tender junction there. From between her lips came a moan, a gasp, a cry. Her body stiffened, even as his arm came around her holding her close. His hand on her breast, sliding inside the cup, found her nipple and pinched it, rolling it between his fingers, a sensual counterpoint to the hurting of his teeth.

It was over quickly. She gasped, feeling tears welling.

“Tell me.”


“Owww.” As his hand massaged the bitten skin.

“Fuck!”  As his mouth kisses the tender spot, then nips it again.


Her words were terse bullets. His chuckle vibrated down her spine as his lips pressed against her, a threat or a promise, she wasn’t sure which.

His cock was pressing against her, too.  The hardness of it against her ass was an affirmation of his earlier words. It was true then, that her pain excited him. That she was excited was equally strange. Thoughts running rampant, she tried to capture what it was that she was feeling.  How she would write it?  And would she ever write it for the public to see? Reporter goes for a off-beat tale, gets hooked into a lifest–

“What are you doing?”

His voice, soft against her hair,  raised chills across her bare shoulders, bringing her full attention back to him. His fingers continued to caress her nipple, seemingly mindlessly. She sincerely doubted that he did anything mindlessly. Before she could answer, he spoke again.

“You’re writing this, aren’t you?  Getting your images down,  correcting your punctuation, working on your grammar? But you can’t just write this, little one. That removes you from the experience. Some things are meant to be experienced.”

His hand pulled out of her bra, then unexpectedly fisted in her hair. Suddenly she was pushed forward, bent face-first over something. Something rounded and wide was under her belly as she hung there. For a moment she was afraid she’d continue to pitch forward and slide over the thing. It felt like a pommel horse, minus the pommels. His hand in her hair held her steady as he moved around to stand by her head.

Her cries of “OW” were ignored as his hand tugged away, strands of hair tugged right along with it. He was grabbing her wrists before she could move, or protest, or stop him, and tying them with some kind of rough rope, holding her in the bent position. Her toes were only just barely touching the ground on the other side. She didn’t really want to stop him, she realized, shocking herself.

He moved away, behind her. His hands moved under her belly, and she giggled. She’d always been woefully ticklish. He was…gawd.

“You won’t need these until you leave.” His nimble fingers unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped the fly, and tugged them down over her hips. He steadied her as he tugged them down her knees, to her ankles.

“Cute boots.”

One fell to the floor with a thunk, then the other, and in seconds the jeans were tugged away.

“Well well well.” There was amusement in his voice.

His hand cupped the vee between her thighs. It was warm, but she was warmer. Leaning against her, he reached down over her bowed back, taking up her hair and tugging backwards.

“Owwwwww!” she yipped.

“Good to know that I have your undivided attention, little girl. You are quite a little slut, aren’t you? Your panties are not merely wet, but saturated. The crotch of your jeans flaunts your wantonness.  Surely good girls don’t get wet pussies from having their nipples pinched while they are being bitten…do they? How would you write about this I wonder?”

The hand between her legs was squeezing against her folds. Her clit ached and throbbed, even as her head did where he was pulling her hair. She couldn’t move an inch…he could do anything to her. And great green goddess…she was beginning to pray that he would.

His finger twitched against the crotch of her wet panties, flicking ever so gently against her clit.

“You’re close again, aren’t you, little slut? You want to cum so badly. Your pussy is streaming fuck juice, and you’d like nothing more than for me to shove my dick right inside of you and fuck you brainless.”

She moaned, feeling something release in her at his carnal words.

“It isn’t that easy to get an orgasm from me, little slut. I don’t think you’re really ready enough.”

His hand left her crotch and she whimpered at the loss of him there.

“A little something else to experiment with, hmm?”

That was the only warning she received as she felt the soft rapping against the back of her thighs.

“A cane is a wonderful tool. It gives intense pain in a very proscribed space. It can be used correctively, or just for the fun of it. My fun, mostly. I suspect you are highly aroused by pain and have never explored that side of you. Yet, you’re here to find some answers, so I won’t be too brutal.”

She shivered at that word. Brutal.

And flushed guiltily as her pussy oozed her excitement onto her panties.