Orgasmic Stranger (7)


“She marks beautifully.”

“Pretty fucking wet, too.”

“We’ve just begun to explore the possibilities of pain response.”

“Looks pretty fucking responsive to me!”

“That she does.”

“Making a helluva mess on the bench…for a newbie.”

“She’ll clean it up.”

*male laughter*

A hand runs up her left thigh. It is cool, and smaller than his. She knows it isn’t …him. The man she calls Sir for today. She is upside down, ass and pussy on display, and another stranger was touching her leg.

“Nice patterning. She welts well. Consider sharing?”

She couldn’t believe her ears. Some …dude…comes over, sees her fat ass over some bench thing and decides he wants some of it? She held her breath, torn between shock and fear.

“No, I’m afraid not.” He offered no further explanation, and she wondered if there’d be a tussle about it. And here she was, tied down like a lamb for the slaughter.

There was some more conversation that she didn’t hear, since her heartbeat was pounding in her ears. She chose to believe it was from being upside down, and not nerves.

She wasn’t nervous.

Wait. He’d said to be totally honest. That sucked. She didn’t want to be…it was easier to hide the fear…but he’d made it a “rule” which made it seem even more important.

She was scared shitless.

A hard smack on her bum caught her off-guard and she yelped.

His body stood between her splayed thighs, the heat of him soaking into her and blending with the throbbing heat from her thighs. His hand stretched over her, grabbing her hair, arching her back.

“You didn’t really think I’d trade your services this early, did you?”

“I—I was—afraid.”

“You make the vanilla assumption that we just switch partners as the whim moves us, sharing with all and sundry?” She couldn’t see it, but pictured his head shaking in dismay.

“That will be a lesson for you to remember, then. Yes, if you are mine, you are my property. But you’re not my lawnmower…I’m not going to just blithely loan you out to my neighbor. If it happens, then it’s something we will have worked out long before. It might not mean that I’d tell you exactly when it would happen…but I would make sure that it was something of mutual benefit.”

This was his longest speech to date, and he’d managed to both calm and excite her. He was so matter-of-fact.

“Yes, Sir,” she managed to get out, his hold on her hair not lessening. He pulled back just a bit more, just to prove he could, she supposed, and she whimpered.

“That’s better. I do like those little mewlings you make. And our friend was right about one thing. You are soaked. I think it’s time for us to continue our experiment.”

He dropped her hair, again taking a few strands with him, making her cry out. As he moved away from her, she keenly felt the loss of his warmth. Cooler air swirled over her hot thighs, and she swore she could feel each individual welt.

“I think we can dispense with these. They’re soaked anyway…and I much prefer to spank bare bottoms.”

He made quick work of removing her panties, her last barrier of modesty. His words embarrassed her, and the flush of shame made her pussy quiver. So many conflicting sensations! She’d never been so abused, nor so turned on, in her life.

The floor creaked as he moved around behind her, yet suddenly he was in front of her.

“Open,” he said tersely, tapping her lips. Obediently, she opened her mouth. He stuffed her panties ~her soaked panties~ inside. She shook her head no, but he merely laughed.

“It will muffle the sound…and I like that you’ll taste yourself as I beat you.”

His hands beat a tattoo on her rump, the sounds of each quick flurry of blows echoing in the big room. Squeals, whimpers, moans sounded too,  softened by the padding in her mouth. She moved a bit, trying to change the fall pattern, but he hit where he wanted. Her entire ass was covered by his palms beating down on her. The blows got harder. And harder.

Then they -he- just…. stopped.

She heard him moving away and was relieved by the break. Her ass tingled and burned. If her hands hadn’t been tied down, she’d be rubbing her bum. Fucking owies!


Her head rose up, her back arched and she screamed. It wasn’t very loud with the gag in place. She had no idea what the fuck he was hitting her with but it was not his hand. GAWDS! It really fucking hurt! She felt tears burn, then soak the mask covering her eyes. Hurt..hurt…She screamed as her ass was struck again.


This one was even harder than the first. It felt like a plank of wood…and it hurt, hurt. And again he smacked her, blow after blow until she was lost in the swirl of pain, the heated burn of her bottom, the dizziness of being upside down.

When his fingers penetrated her, she came so hard that she heard the splat on the floor below her.

“As I thought.” His words were full of amusement.

She quivered and quaked through the aftershocks of the powerful orgasm. He’d only just slid his fingers into her and boom! She was up and over and through the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her head slumped; when he came around to release her hands, she was wrung out, totally drained.

Gently he lifted her, slowly bringing her up and over the bench, and helping her sit on the floor. She felt wetness under her hot cheeks, and realized that she was sitting in her own cum.

“Rest here a moment.” His hand pressed her head against her knees, and she felt the mask tugged away. She tried to focus on him, but once more he was walking away. Too tired to protest, to try to see him, her eyes closed as she recovered.