Orgasmic Stranger (8) + HNT (required)

She couldn’t seem to remember exactly what she was doing. She was a bit dazed, a little confused. Her bottom hurt, her pussy pulsed, and her thoughts were all over the place. She felt perplexed.

One minute she was bent over, having her ass beaten, and having one hell of an orgasm, and the next she was on the floor “to have some time to recover”, he’d said. And then he’d walked away.  She blinked, trying to clear her head,  to organize events, when a  young woman approached. Crouching down, she offered Ebony an open bottle of juice.

“Here, drink this. It’ll help.”


“He sent it for you.” The woman smiled.

Ebony sighed. He was gone, and she hadn’t had the energy to look at him. She had no idea what he looked like- would never recognize him in a crowd. Still, the memory of his touch would linger. Sitting, holding the juice bottle, she tried to recall the sensations. How he made her feel, the things he’d done, how he’d touched her- and most importantly- how she would ever be able to write this.  Could she, she wondered,  ever capture the moments, the moods, her emotions?

“You okay?” The younger woman’s soft voice broke into her musings. “You know…you’ve been sitting and staring for about 10 minutes.” She continued. “And you really should drink the juice. It will help.”

Mentally shaking herself, she sipped. The juice was like nectar on her tongue, and she drank, suddenly greedy for it. And then the girls words registered. Slowly she lowered the bottle, staring at her.

“Ten? Ten minutes?” It felt like only seconds had passed.

“Welcome to the wonderful world of subspace!” The girl laughed, setting a pair of bells ringing. They were affixed to her nipples, Ebony noticed, trying not to notice. Such things were matter of fact here, she imagined.

“Oh, do you like my bells? My owner just gave them to me a few days ago.”

The woman was young, and obviously happy. She cupped her small breasts, wagging them so that the tiny silver bells jingled merrily. For a moment, Ebony envied her that joy.

“What …if you don’t mind me asking…what do you get out of this?”

Ebony waved her hand, encompassing the huge room.

“Well-you know, you’re sitting in some of what we get here…” She pointed at the sticky puddle of cum, giggling.

Ebony blushed profusely.

“So yes…sex..the sex is good. Even when it’s hard and rough. Maybe especially then. It feels good to belong. It makes me feel…whole, I guess, to serve Him. To be looked at by him and others. It…gives me purpose.”

A soft chime went off and the girl sprang to her feet.

“Gotta go! Don’t forget to drink that juice! Your Sir ordered it for you!” And she was off,  quickly but so gracefully.

Ebony wondered which man claimed her. And tried to suppress the tiny nugget of lust at the soft ringing sound as the girl moved away. Bells on her nipples? Imagine that. What a different world she’d fallen into. She felt a bit like Alice, on an adventure like none other.

She’d forged her own path, proud to be as independent and capable as she was. Divorced because the men she married said they liked that sort of woman, then decided that she made them feel like they were in a competition for supremacy, or so her last husband had stated.

This was so very different from anything else she’d ever experienced. She’d swum in the Nile, sat on an elephant, visited pyramids.  She’d gone on safari in Africa, and been to Mt. Ranier though she’d not attempted the high altitude climb.  She’d peered at volcanoes, and sailed the Pacific. She’d done bull riding and been thrown and bruised, but she hadn’t been nearly as affected as she was now, sitting here in a cool puddle of her own juice, after being spanked. No, she reflected not one prior experience in her life had ever had this much impact, no pun intended, she thought, smiling.

“You seem recovered.”

So lost in thought was she, that once more he’d managed to come up behind her.

“Are you disfigured?”

The words just flew out of her mouth, and she cringed. What the fuck was wrong with her? She, the suave and decorated reporter, letting things just fall out of her mouth like that.

Covering her face with her hand, she cringed.


But his laugh interrupted her momentary self-bashing episode. It was more than a laugh, it was a guffaw. Then his hand was in her hair, pulling her to her feet, even as he continued to laugh.

It wasn’t easy getting up quickly at her age, she muttered, even as the tug on her hair became relentless.

“FUCK!” she yelped, “I’m coming I’m coming!”

“I believe you’ve done that, too, little slut.”

“That’s not-”

“hush. Turn.”

He let go of her hair, nearly tipping her over. She hadn’t realized that he was holding her upright so firmly. And damned if he didn’t still take some strands when his fingers slid away.

“Oh fuck that hurts!”

“You’re just saying that to turn me on, aren’t you?” And he laughed again.

She turned, an unwilling smile on her face, and saw him for the first time. His face was full of stories. His eyes were a rich honey-brown, with flecks of gold. He gaze was sharp, even though his mouth smiled. He was taller than her, but not by much. His lips were sensual, and a well-kept beard hugged the borders of his face. She would describe him as ruggedly handsome, if she ever wrote of him. She noted that he didn’t boast six-pack abs, and was curiously relieved by it. Yet muscles bulged in his arms. And a certain other area bulged as well. She tried to not notice.

“Are you wondering about my cock?”

The total bluntness of these people caught her off-guard again and again. The blush erupted, and she stuttered, looking at her feet, his feet, anyplace but there.

His finger lifted her chin. “Well?”

“I. uh…I- this is… I – mean..”

“You weren’t so shy when I had my fingers in your cunt.”

She blinked, blushed deeper. His finger traced along her lips, pressing inside.

“You can still taste you on me.”

She tried to turn her face away, but his free hand came up and cupped her head, pressing those fingers more deeply into her mouth. In moments he was sawing them in and out, fucking her. Fucking her mouth. Fucking her mouth with his juice-covered fingers.

“Suck them nice and clean. Lick them, clean them, go on, slut. Clean your juice off of me.”

Something in his eyes made her obey. There was a fluttery thrill between her thighs that made her suck and lap and hungrily consume all the flavoring on his digits. He pulled them out of her mouth at last, sniffing them.

“I do believe you’ve done a good job. Good girl.”

He pointed to the gummy mess on the floor, on the spanking bench.

“Normally, a slut would be required to clean that up-”

“Oh, I will, Sir…”

His eyebrow raised, and she realized that she’d interrupted him.

“Sorry Sir…I’m…”

“Learning. Yes, I know. Still,I’m very close to giving you the same instructions that a seasoned girl would know. I would suggest working on your “subbus interruptus” issue.”

Their eyes met, clashed for the first time. She bit her lip, dropping her eyes for a moment, before flicking her gaze back to him. His smile was dangerous, and compelling. Just like one that a large cat would wear prior to pouncing on an antelope, she imagined.

“There are wipes over there.” He pointed across the room. “But next time, you’ll clean it up using that.” His finger poked into her mouth, prodding her tongue. She shivered. Lick the floor? Ewww.

Clad only in her white cotton bra, and no longer noticing that she was nearly naked, she felt the fresh slickness between her thighs as she crossed the room for the wipes. How did he manage to turn her on so quickly?


ya’ll know I am required to post an HNT shot each week, and this one just tied so perfectly with the ending of this chapter…how could I not? 🙂  ~nilla~

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