“UnderDom” (4)

When they left the bakery, Michael was holding onto a box that had the most delicious scent wafting from it. That the woman of his fantasies these last few weeks was here beside him was like a dream-sequence in one of his stories. Her mom was lovely, quickly packing up pastries while quieting Shae’s protests of “abandoning” her. In moments, she’d managed to usher them out into the sunny morning.

He took a breath as soon as they were outside, strolling beside Shae as she rolled down the sidewalk, getting another whiff of whatever May had packed into that box.  His mouth watered and his stomach grumbled. Loudly.

“Sorry,” he muttered at a particularly loud rumble. It was unfortunate that her head was on a par with his midsection.

She giggled. She, who was not at all prone to such things, was deeply amused by this man. His very klutzy cuteness was disarming.

“I didn’t get to eat anything other than one cupcake last night,”he spoke a bit defensively. “And then this happened…”

“And the rest, as they say, is history.” Shae laughed. “We can just stop right here and eat you know.”

“In front of the laundromat? How special.” His tone was droll. He suspected she was laughing at him. The little wench. He looked down at her, scowling. Then winced as even that made his stitches pull. Dammit!

That he didn’t suggest pushing her quickly to the park amazed her. Another might have suggested it, just to speed things up. But Michael just accepted that this was the way it went and only his stomach complained.

“Doesn’t it bother you?”

“Hell, yes! It’s annoying as hell!”

“Well..” She hadn’t expected that.

“Every fucking time I smile or frown, it pulls like a bastard.”

He wasn’t talking about the chair. That was in her head. She laughed. He frowned.

“No! No…it’s just…I thought you meant…”

He stopped her by stepping in front of her. His stomach bugled a protest which they both ignored.

“Finish that thought. We …if there is going to be a “we”…have to be open with one another.”

“That’s exactly what I would have said to you. About my being in a chair. There are things I can do..things I cannot.”

“Well fuck. I wanted to take you dancing… and now you’ve spoilt it.”

He poked her shoulder, making her grin.

He plopped the box onto her lap, took her hand and shook it firmly.

“Hi. I’m Michael.”

“Hi, I’m ….” she usually used a pseudonym for her D/s life.

“Shae. Your name, or so your mother told me, is Shae.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Gawd but you’re such a smartass. I know my name.”

“Didn’t seem to.”

“I just..”

“C’mon little girl…I need to eat. Let’s roll…” He let out a laugh that she felt deep in her belly. Oh, he was dangerous, this quirky guy. ‘Careful girl,’ she cautioned herself. But she was already well and truly hooked.


They sat side by side on the bench, content to eat quietly. Michael had bought coffee before they crossed into the park, and they sipped and chewed together companionably.

“So…how long have you been openly submissive?”

“How do you know that I am submissive? I did nail that bitch last night.”

“A Dom would have had more control, and done what Dan did. You reacted, and beautifully, I’ll admit privately to you. There have been plenty of occasions when I’ve wanted to absolutely flatten that woman. Still, doing so solved nothing, except to appease your aggravation. She’ll be vicious the next time that you see her.”

“Okay, how long have you been a Dom?”

“It’s not a cloak of a super-power hero that one takes on and off you know.”

“Exactly my answer back to you. One is as they are born.” She realized she sounded a bit pedantic. Look at her, lecturing a Dom on submission.

“Sorry. I-”

“You’re fascinating. Prickly, private, reactive, cute.”

She blushed.

“And yeah, I could go all “Big Mean Dom” and not say any of that, but I tend to blurt.” He smiled, and she was disarmed. He was like a giant puppy. Not that he was all eager to please, but just so damned earnest.

“I…uh…you…” she never stuttered. Feeling the blush creeping over her cheeks, she took a large swig of coffee, hiding behind the cup.

He watched her, wondering at the words she’d left unspoken. His fingers itched with the need to touch. Her eyes hid secrets. He loved secrets.  Leaning in close, he pressed his advantage.

“I really want to spank you.”

22 thoughts on ““UnderDom” (4)

    1. Thanks Southern Sir…I’m trying to stay ahead of it –and very much enjoying how much everyone is liking it!


  1. Ok I am just in love with this story. He reminds me so much of my husband in real life, and she reminds me of me lol. I am locked and cannot wait to see where it goes from here.. and FYI I would have punched the bitch as well.

    1. giggling….so so SO glad that other people would have done the same.

      I really struggled writing that part. But I was so mad when the little bitch poked her head into my sweet story. 🙂

      I’m very glad this is relateable to you! That means a lot, hearing that!

      nilla (who is on an exclamation point high today!)

  2. The chapters of this story are flowing into each other perfectly. The characters are delightful and intriguing.

    I love it!

    1. Thanks April…

      I’m so delighted you thought so. I’ve worked very hard to have that flow just be natural, and I am so glad you noticed!

      I’m glad you enjoy Shae and Michael. They are a lot of fun!


    1. ah, a delightful juxtaposition! an order, and a plea…

      okay, okay!

      I respond to both. More is coming, promise!



    1. Thank you Donna.

      I’m deeply pleased that you like this…

      (and not any comma-itus so far!)

      Oh maybe a wee bit…

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