Random nilla-ness and HNT to boot!

It’s been a strange several weeks in nilla-ville. I’ve been writing like a fiend–i’m not quite certain why telling you all that I was taking a vacation, and then NOT taking one  let something loose in me. I’m not sure why that *felt* like a vacation. Like I was giving myself permission to party. I dunno. It was weird and good so I’m not questioning it all that much. The best part is that you all have enjoyed the fruits of my endeavors. 🙂 That’s always gratifying!

So we’re here between UnderDom’s and I thank you all for liking these last two stories so very much. I’m trying valiantly to catch up with all the comments, which are lovely. Last week I had internet and phone issues, and this week I’ve had personal ones. This is the week that I do an extra job, and an old one that I do at home has resurfaced after months of no work, and I got a concussion, and my youngest son has been very sick and and and….

You know how it rolls. It’s just life-stuff, and sometimes it’s overwhelming and consumes all your free time, and sometimes it is more manageable. This weekend I had to do some socializing, (emphasis on “had to” !)  which meant being with a TON of people….which is okay-they are people I like. Here’s the thing. and this may sound weird, but you guys know…it’s nilla so it has to be weird, right? 🙂  The thing is, people like me, and on these rare occasions when I show up, they all want to chat. It’s person after person after person, sometimes multiples at the same frigging time!. Don’t get me wrong– I love seeing them all, and yet…it is absolutely exhausting. And it sounds weird to say out loud that they like me…and in a complaining sort of way. It isn’t meant that way. It’s just coz I’m a wicked introvert.

Introverts find these sort of encounters to be just that. Very draining, very …hard.  Likely that’s why I enjoy blogging so much. I’m connected but on my terms. I can pop in, write, respond to comments, pop off again…it’s a form of interaction that is not stressful in the least. This is my “happy place”.. 😉

And I was able to get a wee tiny bit of Master time, very unexpectedly, mid-week. He was doing business in my area, I had to run out and do errands, and we managed to hook up and share a quick bagel lunch in his car. This is the sort of encounter that is balm to my spirit. We’ve missed our weekend visits; I’ve worked later than usual on Saturday’s and He’s been busy Sunday’s…so we’ve had precious little face time.

We finally have a rescheduled play date. And it’s soon. Not this weekend, but next. He left it to me…”culture date, or play date”…and OMG I was so torn. I’d LOVE to go to the museum with Him–this was our plan for our February date. But now, more than 8 weeks since our last playtime? OH gosh do I need to be beaten! I’ve gotten the “Spring Friskies” and have threatened to stalk Him around the room, kissing and nipping Him.

He laughs and says that’ll be hard to do with a ball-gag in my mouth, a rope tied around me, and secured to the bed while He gets some work done. 🙂 And besides, He reminded me last night, my “piggies” need some serious attention, including rubbing a toothbrush between my toes. (My toes curled up when He said it..in this diabolically teasing voice…). I pointed out that He forgot last time …why? Why did I do that? Dumb nilla, just dumb. Coz His response? “Well, nilla, I guess I need to extend my time with your piggies this time, don’t I?” *egads!!* When will I ever learn?!

All of which reminds me…it is Thursday and He requires me to “post tit pix pronto!” So here’s this weeks HNT:


Don’t mind the wee blur in the center there. I have a scratch on my camera lens. It makes me nuts but *shrugs* what can I do, right? What? You didn’t see the blur? *grin*

Okay, random other stuff. It is going to snow. A-fucking-gain. I am so ready for spring. REALLY ready for spring. I need to get outside and walk. And play in the dirt.

No, peeps. I already play in that sort of dirty. *giggle* I mean the nice, rich loamy stuff. Dirt under my fingernails, flowers growing, tomatoes sprouting, baby lettuce ready for munching…that sort of thing. This is the year I can finally work hard in my gardens. My kids are old enough to help, or play safely by themselves. Up until now I’ve had to keep an eagle eye on the wee one…but no longer. I am loving that my kids are old enough to be like this. And they love to help so who knows – this could be my best gardening year ever!

OH, and you all read over at Erotic Writer, right? I hope you do. Will and I are very good friends, and he’s been on a roll lately with senryu, which is a poetry form similar to haiku. Kinda. Sorta. (He also has done these “sketches” that realllly speak to me. You can find them here. You really should read them-they are amazing…just go give it a whirl!)

I am NOT an expert, its syllabic form breaks down the same as haiku, but I’m not sure of all the other rules. I was taking a shower the other day, and was thinking about the form. Will is *frigging awesome* at it, a true master with the lightest touch to evoke emotion….and I, wordy bitch that I am, will never come close to what he does.  I am reasonably good with haiku, though I struggle with the  naughty ones. This is what I sent him and he told me that I had to publish it. Who am I to argue with a guy who writes as well as he does? Ready?

my pussy like an
empty cannoli waiting…
fill me with your cream.

See? This is why I don’t do erotic poetry very often.  Comparing my pussy to a crunchy cannoli? *sigh*….Yet, Will assures me that he loves it, that it is very much my “voice”….so take from it what you will. 🙂  All I can tell you is that I’m more than a tad irreverent, so if you’re expecting serious erotic poetry? Go visit Will!

More random stuff:

Master and nilla had our second anniversary of my collaring…and we both forgot it! OMFG, I laughed so hard when I realized it, as did He. Romantic, yes, I’m a romance fool, but remembering specific dates? Not so good at. So happy 2nd collaring for us. Altogether we’ve been a couple for 3.5 years. Time goes by so fast. If you’d told me when I first started the blog that I’d be collared, beaten, fucked, and orgasmed half-to-death…I’d have laughed in your face. But as I said to him, he was the answer to questions that I’d never dared to ask myself until meeting Him. He has changed me, filled me, healed me, and hurt me….and I love Him with all I am. I’m a lucky girl, and yeah, He’s lucky too. I’m pretty fucking stalkeresque devoted. I’ve told him, I’m like the burr on his pant leg. He can shake all he wants, but I’m stuck to him. 🙂

He loves when I say that. *giggle* OH so much (eyeroll).

Wow…that was a ton of randomness, wasn’t it? Okay, my job here is done…HNT–check, random thought dumping–check, whining about snow–check, so you know what that means?

Back to writing! Happy Thursday all!

13 thoughts on “Random nilla-ness and HNT to boot!

  1. OK…so…beautiful pic – as usual. I love the butterfly. The scalloping on the bra is beautiful.

    Holy crap storm…Wow, sorry. I hope you TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Concussions are NOTHING to mess with and I hope your child gets better soon!

    YEA…PLAY DATE! Wahoooooo… It’s funny…our kids would laugh hysterically if they knew that we loved our playdates as much as they love theirs…then need some serious therapy knowing that we have playdates…THOSE playdates. EEEWWWWWW (can’t you hear it now). LMFAO!!

    Oh and you so pulled a Stewart Smalley … People Like Me! Poor nilla…it’s hard to have people like you and WANT to talk to you. JK, I know it’s draining for introverts…just had to give you a hard time 🙂


    1. *laughing*

      I’m a plebe…I admit to having no idea who Steward Smalley is…i was more thinking Sally Field at the oscars a LONG time ago…”You like me…You really, really like me!”…

      oh hell those playdates…don’t we even need them MORE than our kids need theirs? LOL!

      I’m finally recovered from my head trauma. It was so stupid. You’d think I was short enough to NOT hit my head on slanted ceilings but no. Nope. Headache and blurry vision for a few days, but I’m back to my regular not-normal self. 🙂


  2. Glad you are feeling better. Head injuries are nasty stuff. And I love reading random ‘nilla stuff. I would imagine you are a lot of fun to be around.
    And I completely get the introvert thing. you want to be around people when you want to, and then you don’t. And it’s draining to be “on” for too long.

    P.S. I think I may recognize that butterfly necklace from a story 🙂

    1. 🙂

      working your comment backwards…yes. That necklace was in a story…and I’m thrilled you recognized it. *laughs with delight*

      and yes! I want to be around people when I want to… 🙂

      I can be a wild thing at times…and I love to laugh. I laugh a LOT . Everything is either silly or sexual to me, so …yeah. *grins*

      and it took almost 4 days but the headache is finally gone, as well as the ringing in my ears. Geeze I hate when I do stuff like that. And tho I’m not a dom, you now know who the klutz is based upon…. 🙂


  3. Nilla, I think it was just one of those weeks. Mine was rough too. The bright spot for the week has been reading ‘under Dom’ every morning.
    Your picture is beautiful! I loved your randomness, it certainly put a smile on my face.


    Oh, your little senryu made my mouth water ( and not for cannoli). *blushes deep red*

    1. 🙂

      I like making people blush. It’s a naughty little thing…perhaps because I blush so easily. 🙂

      Glad you enjoy my random posts..and thanks for your always lovely comments!


  4. I do love your random nilla posts. I so understand about the whole Introvert thing. (INFJ here!) I frequently turn to Wolf and say… “I’m all peopled out” and we go home. It’s like we save up all our energy to do the music festival or an SCA event.

    As for the gardening… Oh I am so feeling that urge to bury my hands in dirt and start planting. Our last frost date is usually May 15th. ugh. However, I’m drooling through seed catalogs.

    Anniversaries. I had to laugh that you two forgot. Wolf turned to me the other day and said ‘how long have I been here?’ When I told him the answer, he just did the “wow” thing. LOL. And I’m happy to hear that you’ll be getting a play date soon. Playtime has been on odd rations here with Wolf being ill and our own hectic schedule. Yeah, it’s pretty bad when you fall asleep mid sentence. sigh…

    Last, but not least, I do love the HNT today. 🙂

    1. Thank you thank you. So…our last frost date is the same as yours…seems strange doesnt it? But you have the mountains and I have the higher latitude. Does that make you Zone 5?

      I was going to plant today but I was too busy practicing my lazy (and writing)…I only got up to do laundry (about 100 loads. Okay, it was only 4, but I had to dry outside things THREE times. I didn’t think it was ever going to fucking stop snowing. Three fucking days, two feet of snow. It’s fucking MARCH!!)

      okay rant over. 🙂



      1. Yes, we have the same frost date. We are right at the edge of zones 5 & 6. What makes life difficult is the altitude. Over 6200ft.

        As for snow, we are due more tomorrow. sigh…

    1. 🙂

      If you only knew *shakes head*

      How completely *embarrassed* I used to be about how visible my veins were. I thought I was…deformed…My tits grew SO fast in my young teens that I had horrible stretch marks…now you look and say how lovely they are…and i’m moved.

      So thank you.


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