“UnderDom” (8)

special thanks to aisha for helping me with all the iphone bits…i, dear readers, have a “stupid” phone…aisha, your help was invaluable!

Her phone buzzed a few hours later. She ignored it at first, engrossed in filling and icing a seven-layer chocolate mousse cake. She’d sliced each layer into two pieces, filled each slice with a generous daub of mousse filling, and added the next layer. The process kept her mind on her task, and not wandering to Michael, and what he might be up to.  Lowering the special drop-down shelf that allowed her to work from her chair, she picked up her piping bag and created a delicate scrollwork around the sides. Another bag added overlapping leaves around the bottom, then around the top edge. Finally, she took up a bag filled with soft chocolate glazing, and created a swirl pattern along the top. Her moves were deft, easy, belying the strength it took to guide the heavy bag in symmetrical swirls.

Her mother came in just as she finished.

“Oh, Shae, that is beautiful! Mrs. Jones just came into the store looking for something for her tea tomorrow. Let’s see if I can coerce her into needing this.”

Shae smiled. Her mom was great at interacting with customers. There was no doubt in her mind that Mrs. Jones would be leaving here with that cake tied up in one of their special white and pink  boxes.

She stretched, then noticed the red light blinking on her phone. Right.

The readout only showed the number. Not one of her limited contacts. Wait. Michael had her number…but she didn’t have his.

Thanks for the idea. Story going well. Made me think of James Bond/Octopussy so I had to send you this. 🙂 M-

There was a link to a youtube video. She clicked on it, then giggled as the words and song from Octopussy came up. And then bit her lip as she absorbed what the message said.

M-you’re a dangerous man. Thanks for the video…you know it hit me just there…

She set her phone down, then went to get the next cake for frosting, only to turn back when her phone vibed again. “Michael” she murmured softly, torn between the phone and her task. Sighing, she scooped it up, and added him to her contacts, before reading his next text.

you know that I do very much want to hit you “just there”….invitations like that are not to be trifled with!

She giggled, punching in keys quickly.

That was not an invitation! Well…or not exactly. It was a …response…

Well, you gave the idea about electrocuting the Octo…and I’m sure you have a pussy…so the two just melded in my mind….

I suspect a lot of things meld in that mind of yours. *giggle* Gods, you have me giggling all the time. I’m NOT a giggler, Michael!

all evidence to the contrary. *waggles brows at Shae* So……

So? And you shouldn’t waggle your brows…it’ll hurt your stitches.

So….whaddaya wearin’, little girl? And I’ll suffer the pain of my poor, aching head if it amuses you…

*blush* You know what I’m wearing…you just saw me a few hours ago.

I meant under. *waggles brows, moaning piteously*

She giggled, shaking her head.

“Shae, are you…oh.” Her mother took note of the lit phone in her hand. “I thought I heard you back here. Laughing.”

Shae wagged the phone in the air. “Michael. He…he is so damn silly.”

“Good kind of man, one who appreciates the silly. And it is more than obvious that he’s interested.”

For a heart-stopping moment Shae wondered if her mom had seen Michael’s erection pressing outward in his jeans.  She was relieved when May continued.

“Why, the way he kissed you, and stroked your cheek, honey. So tender I almost wept.”

Shea smiled.

“And that was a pretty impressive bulge in those Riders.”

“MOM!” Shea erupted in laughter, her mom joining her. “Trust me, sweetie, it’s not the first erection I’ve seen. I’d say you’re a lucky girl, but I expect you to be careful too. If you need any condoms, you let me know. I have some extra in my room you can use.”

Oh my gawd. Shae blinked.

“What? You didn’t think I was just making google eyes at Mr. Monroe for no good reason did you? He’s a delightful lover.”

“Moooooommmmm” Shae moaned, covering her ears with her hands.

Her mother laughed, pointing at the phone blinking in her daughters hands.

“You’re phone’s ringing…you be careful about that sexting stuff.” With a quick peck on her daughters blushing cheek, May headed back to to the storefront as the front door chime rang.

I reeeaaaalllyyy want to know…what’s under your clothing…you can’t hide from me…I know where your buns are…whahahahahaha!

my mother just told me she was having sex! gawd. And no. I’m not telling you a thing.

It stands to reason that your mom would have had sex. . . there is empirical proof holding a phone right now, right? And…was that a gauntlet, little girl?

i know she HAD sex…but i didn’t know she was HAVING sex. My dad has been gone 16 months…but still…geeze. I just didn’t need to know that. Gauntlet? Michael, that was a baseball catchers mitt.

*waggles brows* You’ll never know exactly when I’ll strike…just like LED man, I’ll just suddenly be ON you….

You’re a nut. 

I am an acorn. And I want your butt…

I need to frost the next cake now, Michael. Go back to your drawing. Or writing. Or whatever it is you do what you do. 

I’d do you…in a heartbeat.


wahahahahaha….LED man watches you….

With a chuckle, Shae put her phone down, and picked up her pastry bag. She still had a bunch of cakes to design…and Michael was proving to be quite the distraction.

A very sexy, sensual distraction at that. She didn’t notice that she was smiling as she worked her way through two glazes, one royal icing with roses trailing down the front, and a dozen cannoli’s.

18 thoughts on ““UnderDom” (8)

    1. 🙂 thank andi…always much appreciated. this is the “payoff” for writing…that people are loving my “peeps”… 🙂

    1. but see? Your “nothing” was my ..”omg…I have to get this right and I don’t have a smartphone and how the hell am I gonna figure out how to make this sound real?”

      so you really did help me a ton, though it seemed small to you! I’m a real fanatic in these sort of situations, for getting it correct. 🙂

    1. well…this is *fiction* yanno? 🙂 but I thought it was important for the story to work for her mom to be kink aware. And be happy sexy, sexual herself. and you better beware of LED man. I think he has a kinky side, too. 🙂

  1. Love the fun, developing relationship between Michael and Shae!
    Love the relationship between mother and daughter, too.
    This story draws me in to read it!
    I was going to say it sucks me in, but I can imagine what you’ll do with that! Oh well! Go ahead!

    1. you need to be very careful about being sucked in, you know. There are tentacles just lurking everywhere… 🙂


  2. This is great. I had to wait until today to read it though… It was date night last night. By the way, her mom reminds me of mine! She shares the best dirty jokes. Oh, and she teases Wolf! LOLOL!

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