Face Time/ HNT

I was going to post this on Tuesday…because I had NO idea what was going to happen in UnderDom-land….but then…I had a dash of inspiration, despite my lack of awakeness- this change to Daylight Savings Time is kicking my ass, big time.  So, I have written stories, and yet…I still had this happy-bliss-Master & nilla post to share. I mean, why waste over a thousand words of writing, right? And it was a lovely visit with him…not a play visit, but just time to sit and be with him for an extended time.

Sooooo what to do?  I decided to make this ramble part of my HNT. I know, freaking brilliant, and me, so frigging sleep deprived!!)

I’m sharing a little nilla real life…coz I’m feeling all mellow and lovely and happy. 🙂

Master and I had over 2 hours to hang out tonight…no–wait…that happened on Sunday night— and it’s Thursday as you read this! (remember…nilla/sleep deprived!)

I’m all blissed-out, as us hippie-types say. He and I talked and talked and had tea and talked. He gave me a few parting bruises…but we both just enjoyed the hell out of our together time. It’s the longest stretch either of us has had together (outside of ONE playdate in February) since Christmas. I had time while my son was doing his thing, and Master had time…and it just flowed.

We’re still up in the air about this upcoming weekend. I have left it in his hands about whether we have a playdate or if we’re going to do something classy and cultural, like go to the museum.  I want both. I want to go to the museum with him…I love art, and love the idea of spending a day with him in vanilla circumstances.

Truth be told, there’s ALWAYS a dose of D/s whenever we’re together…I can’t ever recall a time when things were all vanilla –coz  He does or says something that makes me blink or sit up straight or …remember/realize/be brought back to the reality that I’m his submissive slut. It’s amazing coz He can do it with a look. It melts my heart and makes my pussy drool, and my heart race…and the feeling of security it engenders is…amazing.

On the other hand, time being fucked, and beaten, and tortured on my piggies (ewww…toothbrush between my toes is CRUEL and UNUSUAL punishment!!) is pretty important too…and that hasn’t happened in so long…and like SFP...I *realllly* need a spanking. Well, I’ve left it in His hands, and will just have to wait and see what He decides is best for us.


Tonight as we sat at the table, He says “Oh.”

That was it. Just “oh”, lips pursed, and giving me that Dom look.

Finally I ask.

“Oh? Oh what, Master?”

He reaches into His briefcase and takes out a small, neatly wrapped circle. It’s wrapped in a white napkin.

“In here,” he taps his finger on the package, “is a gourmet, freshly baked, chocolate chip cookie. It’s yours…if you’re willing to give up an O tonight for it.”

Now, nilla is “off” chocolate per His orders, so I understand this is a game and a challenge wrapped in one cookie. Yet I shake my head no.

“Master, last nights orgasm was so fantastic that I’m not willing to give up tonight’s O for a cookie.”

“Oh.” He says again.

“Oh. I forgot to mention.”

He reaches into his bag and pulls out a second wrapped cookie. Raising the stakes. Making saliva pool in my mouth. Making my pussy clench and throb.

“These,” He gestures to the two cookies, “are a sure bet. You choose them, you get them.”

He pauses, and his honey-gold eyes look into mine. I’m lost. I admit it. I’m sucked into His world of control and dominance like a leaf into a vacuum cleaner. I’m as into Him in this moment as I would be if I was standing on the Wall in black lace seduction outfit and red stiletto’s, as I am in pink sneakers and jeans here at the table in Starbucks. And then I KNOW what He’s going to say…that the Orgasm is NOT a guaranteed given.

These are the kind of things He does that keep me on my metaphoric toes, when He can’t thwap the shit out of me. He gets/holds/keeps my attention, my focus, my wits sharp. This is predicament bondage sans rope. Or perhaps more accurately, His words are the ropes that bind me, hold my attention, twist me up into knots, and make me crazy for Him.

Do I take a chance, spin the dice, play the odds and maybe get a fucking orgasm?(would you?) Saturday nights cum was more than a little delightful. It was intense in the best of ways. As I said to Him, I was very glad it was just ONE orgasm…a second one like that one might have killed me! Yes. It was *that* good. (and I have the stain on my sheets to prove it!)

Or do i take the sure thing? The two gourmet, soft, chocolate-chunk-laden cookies. Feel them melting in my mouth. Feel the chocolate as i bite into it. Feel the sugar rush, the taste of a banned food, allowed for this small window of time.

The orgasm the night before was sooooo good. But Tuesday, Like Day, is a guaranteed orgasm. And only 2 days away. (Two LONG BUSY BUSY BUSY days away)…

The cookies…chocolate…


I took the cookies.

For one of the rare times in my life, I took the sure bet. I had a better than 75% odds against getting the O since the Saturday one had been so immensely intense and good.

He laughed as I scooped up the cookies and stashed them in my purse.

“That’s okay, little girl,” He says in this voice that is brimming with amusement. “You have an entire week of half-o’s to have anyway, leading up to Sunday.”

And then He laughs, that Devils laugh that sends steaming shots of lust straight to my belly (and if you ever wondered why Michael’s laugh affects Shae so much? Now you know!) And I know I made the right choice. But I still moan about the fucking half O’s.

I ate the cookies on the way to pick up my son. They were *totally* worth the cost of an orgasm, btw. OMFG.


So… you guys.

You know who you are.

The ones who always say “MOAR”…when a story ends, or is slow to re-appear. Yeah. You. *laughs* Trust me, I LOVE when you are greedy for my stories. It makes me happy that you get something out of what I create. I love my stories, truly they are like my kids. So if you like them, too…? It makes my day.

But you are right. Sometimes there is more to tell. And you’ve encouraged me to write a book.

So I’m going to.


In my own way.

nilla-style, as it were. 🙂

I’m in the process of writing the backstory for Michael and Shae of UnderDom. I have created a new blog, a daughter blog to this one. So far, I have a few chapters up. I hope you give it a read and let me know what you think of it. I’ll keep working at the story until I think it’s all done. And you’ll have the full “novella”…for free.

Coz the idea of publishing terrifies me. Sorry, that’s just how I am. And I’m a huge fan of free porn, mostly coz I was never in a position until very recently to purchase any. My funds were all joint and I didn’t want my s/o to know what I was buying fer goshsakes. 🙂 That’s how this blog came into being in the first place. I guess it’s kind of like my “mission statement” … “Good Porn, Free” … so there you have it.

Oh, you will see the link in my sidebar.. “nilla novella’s”… I hope you like it! If not? C’est la vie, right?

Well you all, the time change from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time is totally kicking my ass, so nilla is off to bed. Takes me a few days to get the hang of losing that hour. And it’s been a hella busy weekend. (Hopefully by the time you read this, I’ll be working my way towards adjusting…!)

Happy Half-nekkid Thursday, pervie readers!



 it takes a hit of pain,

(my drug of choice)

to make me cum

to remind me that I am a slut and

a craven woman who likes to be hurt,

the painslut

He knows me  to be…

So sometimes

~the bite of the pins is enough

      to bring me to sweet, blissful release.

Hasn’t He trained me well?


27 thoughts on “Face Time/ HNT

  1. We were both laughing about the cookies. 🙂 Yes, Wolf was reading over my shoulder when I started to laugh. I love it.

    I’m glad you and your Master got some face time. 🙂 Always so good. And I hope you have a wonderful weekend, no matter what you do. 🙂

    As for that HNT… owwwie! I’ll stick to fingers.

  2. That Master of yours – he sure knows how to get you!! And yeah, those clothespins look lethal. Sheesh. Although – Sir handed me a couple the other day and told me to “play with them.” So i used them to pull my hair back off my face – like hair clips. He was not as aumused as you might think. {giggle}

    I’m excited about your novella!! YAY for you!!

  3. I love the way you are so totally his, the way you can turn decisions over to him – or choose for yourself knowing he gets what he wants either way. And – more nilla to consume (read) – yay for sure!

    • Thank you greengirl!

      He knows me so well…and what gets to me. Of course our little cookie discourse turned me on…and I struggled so with that choice (he told me later that I would not have gotten an O anyway!)

      I’m glad that you’re happy about more stories! Thank you!

      nilla (who is exclamation point crazed today!)

  4. EEEEKKK so thrilled you are turning that into a novella.. will be there ASAP because I am addicted to that story..OUCH OUCH OUCH on the nipples.. again I like some pain but that makes me cringe about like the thought of getting my nipples pierced

    • I wanted mine pierced…until a certain pair of honey-gold eyes looked at me and said …”are you *sure* that’s a good idea? giving me something new to torture?”


      nilla, still unpierced, and kinda glad of it.


  5. So much to like in t his post…hmm,,not sure, but I might have gone for the cookies too,,,I love you Master’s creativity! Yeah for the novella!
    hugs abby

    • 🙂

      it’s definitely a predicament! (He did tell me yesterday that He would have said no O…big MEANIE!)

      but the cookies were GREAT!



  6. Hmmm….so maybe a spanking IN a museum?!

    I love the picture, but WOW those are seriously digging deep! Damn! I like the visuals =)

    Your Sadist Sir is fabulous! He loves to keep you on your toes. Glad the cookies are good but holy hell you’re going to blow before your playtime! Yeeekss.

    Hehehe…blissed out …


    • Oh ya, as if my original comment isn’t long enough…Way to go ‘nilla’s novellas. YIPEEEEEE. Thank you for sharing your work (for free). It’s a gift…no really!


    • 🙂

      hey maaaan…totally blissed out….(outta sight, maaan)


      Yeah, i do like me some pain… Oh, and isnt’ that a delightfully decadent setting for a dirty tale…

      spanking in a museum? LOL!


  7. I know I read something above, but the druel caused by your picture screwed up my computer… I may have made that up. Glad to know I have another favorite to look at. Luckey clothes pins.. Tip

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