“UnderDom” (11)

“I’ll call you later.”

Leaning down, he kissed the top of her head, her ear, nibbled his way down her jawline, until he captured her lips with his. Fingers threaded through each other’s hair, the kiss deepened until she moaned.

“This is mean of you! Leaving me all stirred up like this.”

“Yeah,” he smiled, eyes sparkling. “I know.”

She would have stuck her tongue out at him, but at just that minute his cell phone came squirting out of his jeans pocket, bouncing off the right wheel of her chair, and skittering several feet behind them.

“No giggling,” he admonished as he moved to retrieve it. She had to bite her lips to comply, but it was impossible to hold back the laugh as the backside of his jeans chose that moment to let go.

Holding onto her belly, she laughed merrily as his hand reached around and felt the hole revealing his blue and white polka-dotted boxers beneath.

Standing slowly, he turned, regally, eyebrow raised.

Which only made Shae laugh harder.

“I’ll get you for this, my pretty,” he said, stalking her. She laughed so hard that tears flowed freely, and she feebly waved one arm at him.

“Stop, stop…you’re killing me with …” and she slumped over, holding her belly as she guffawed. That he stood, arms folded primly across his chest looking at her only fueled the fire of humor.

“You are so naughty, laughing at your Dom this way,” he said, though the corner of his mouth quirked.

“Now I have to sit in your lap all the way home so that no one will see my bum.”

“Oh MICHAEL,” and she all but melted she was laughing so hard.

He scooped her up, out of the chair, more certain now about how to handle her. This was their second week of sleepovers, as Shae’s mom put it. Carrying her to the bedroom, he felt her body shaking with laughter. Gently he folded her over his lap as he sat, then proceeded to spank her firmly on her round bottom. The first few thuds went mostly unnoticed, but by the time he got his rhythm, she had stopped laughing and started squirming.

His hand was firm against the small of her back, her belly supported on his legs as he twacked her. He felt her fingers clench and open on his calf, and the start of small whimpers. Stopping the onslaught, he moved her up onto the bed and rose with a simple “stay” to keep her in place and headed for the closet where he kept a few toys.

“The paddle. Yes. I think that will do the trick.”

“Oh…but Sir…” Her voice quavered.

“No buts about it. Well, one butt…yours…!”  She groaned as his quip, then yelped as the paddle whacked the side of her ass. She felt the sting through her yoga pants, yet was grateful for the small amount of buffering. He spanked her bottom until she felt the glow through her body, felt the tingle of an orgasm creeping ever closer.

“Is my slut thinking about cumming?”

He knew her body now, learning her signs. She nodded.

“Okay then.”

The sudden absence of the paddle made her nervous. What next? His hands turned her gently.

“Up and at ’em!”

In moments he had put her back into her chair, to her utter bemusement. She was so horny, so turned on, and her ass throbbed dully.

“Don’t want to be late for work, and leave May to do all that baking by herself,” he said.

He leaned down as he wheeled her towards the front door, whispering in her ear.

“He who laughs last, slut.”

He pushed her up to and through the bake-shop entry, took her chin in his hand, kissing her soundly. Turning on his heel, he slipped out the door. As it closed behind him, she heard him laugh, and was unable to stop the silly grin that spread across her own face.

16 thoughts on ““UnderDom” (11)

  1. Thank you for the amazing gift of a great story for the start of my birthday weekend!!

    Ok, on to the story…I LOVE how real these two are!! The laughing…and the revenge of the Dom…

    You ROCK nilla!!



      so glad you got a story you enjoyed on YOUR special day! Thanks for reading, and being a friend.


    1. I HOPE it warms up this weekend. I’m hearing that we might get a wee bit of snow next week. URG> I am so tired of snow. I’m ready for gardens and spring and tight tank tops with no bra….



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