Busy Busy nilla

It has taken me all week to work out the kinks…no…egads! Heaven forbid! Nilla should *never* work out any kinks… 🙂

It has taken me all week to adapt to the time change. I have spoken to no fewer than half-a-dozen people who have all had the exact same issue as me…a terrible time falling to sleep, awake until 1, 2, 3 a.m. then oversleeping and groggy. Wednesday night started the recovery, and last night was fabulous. I am hoping that tonight I’ll get another good night.

I have been SO FUCKING BUSY today.

I had 3 various jobs to attend to, and I’m happy to have the work, but seriously? I’ve been up since 630, and by 730 pm I was just about finished.

And I have this GREAT idea for the next chapter of UnderDom, and do you know how immensely frustrating it is to have the idea, some of the dialogue and all in my head…and to have zero time to write it? Now at 9 p.m. my brain is fried, so I’m afraid you all are going to have to put up with another rambly nilla post.  I know some of you like these sort of posts…after the one I wrote for Thursday? I was shaking my head saying, whoops, there goes some readers. This post is boring as shit.

And yet? There you all go, saying how much you enjoy my rambling soliloquies.  You all are strange. You know that, right? 🙂 I say it with love, pervie friends. *I* think it’s boring, at any rate.

I think I left you all (regarding Master and my playdate) in limbo. And yanno, that’s okay because that is exactly where I am. He told me that he’d let me know on Wednesday where we were going. He had a late, late meeting, and I talked while he drove home from it around 930 or so…and I asked and he said he’d been too busy. He’d know on Thursday.

So of course I asked on Thursday.

“None of your fucking business slut. I’ll tell you what you need to know when *I* feel you need to know it.”


That so fucking turns me on. Even just *writing* that makes me all wet and giddy. It’s not that I forget that I’m his slut, or that I’m submissive…it’s just that these type of circumstances don’t come up all that often. When they do it’s like … BLAMMO!

Kind of like how some sluts must feel getting stuck under a desk, or laying on the floor at the foot of the bed. It’s a status position, perhaps? Lots of times I feel like I do “D/s Lite” since I’m not in the 24/7 club. But then we have one of those moments and it makes me grin and go (to myself) ‘oh hell YAH! I’m an owned, collared, submissive piece of property!”

And then I giggle about it. Like, for days.

So I have NO idea what we’re doing. He did send me a text tonight. I was midway through job two, headed to job three, and telling him how tired I was.

“Better get some rest-you’ll need it.”

And he refused to elaborate. He makes me nervous and giddy. I did tell him there would be NO fucking in the museum. He didn’t reply to that one. 🙂

and no that was NOT a gauntlet.

*gazes off dreamily*

oh! are you all still here? *giggle*

yeah. lotta giggles here of late.

So…I DID do some writing the other day, but that was before the breakthrough in my head about UD. So back to tentacles tomorrow…this warning is mostly for aisha…but really, there isn’t much in that chapter to be ookie. Lotta stuff about my home state, if you’re curious about the wonders of Massachusetts. 🙂  Hopefully that will post on Sunday, and …don’t worry if I don’t have a post up on Monday. I have a job that morning, and I suspect it will take all my energies to get there and do what I need to do….whether it’s Museum Day or fuck-n-beat-nilla Day. That man wears me out. 🙂

I’ll be away from my ‘puter for two days, so don’t fret if I don’t respond to your comments right away, either.

If we do the beat n fuck thing? I’m going to be sore as shit. I’m all out of beating practice (again) and the last time he went somewhat easy on me, and I was groggy for two or three days.

That’s part pain-recovery, and part sub-space. It takes days and days for everything to process and filter down. We are always very close after one of these playdates…we process together. I’ll remember something, and we’ll laugh or reminisce…and then he’ll say  “do you remember…?” and I’ll say “no” and he’ll tell me a bit. Sometimes I do recall, and sometimes it’s just gone, until days later it floats to the surface of my brain.

Funny thing is, I LOVE our playdates, but I also equally love the after part, where we sort out the day, our thoughts and feelings of it. It’s a different sort of aftercare than just being held and cuddled.

I suppose it is emotional cuddling. (that’s a lovely image, isn’t it?)

Well, it’s up early for work for me tomorrow, so I’m going to call this done. Here’s hoping that you all have a lovely, wonderful weekend. We’re supposed to be snow-free, which is a blessing. Have some crocus leaves poking up in my garden, and snow-drops blooming (yay for blooming flowers!) as well as daffodil leaves. The snow recedes and suddenly there is Spring, coming out of hiding. Almost time to plant my tomato seeds, and put on my Farma nilla hat. (You know us New Englanda’s drop our ending ‘r’s’, right? *laughs*)

And I think Master is going to get some crops in this weekend as well.




I crack myself up.

Happy weekend pervie readers!

17 thoughts on “Busy Busy nilla

  1. LOL yes, I too like your ramblings. And i like the term “emotional Cuddling” it is very apt!

    Glad to know you’re giggling. It makes me feel less silly knowing i’m not the only one who gets heady and giddy!

    *hugs… happy weekend to you and all your crops!*

    1. Hi fondles!

      OMG…I can not even tell you how much giggling happened. The more he beat me? The more I laughed later. Orgasm after orgasm and I was so giddy, flying on the pain and pleasure…he had the best time making me talk nonsense syllables…and listening to me laugh and laugh…

      nilla(who was NOT laughing during the beating, btw!)

  2. I planted my tomatoes last week (and their little heads are up – wheee!) I’m hoping this will spur me to maybe get the rototiller out of the garage… Altho’ until I stop seeing snow in the forecast, I probably won’t motivate…

    1. oh neat! neat neat neat!

      I think your last – frost date is before mine (MIne is May 18th)..but the kiddo’s and I will be planting ours today..during the snowstorm! Last day of winter, woot!


  3. I so love your ramblings, sounds like we are having a drink together! “Emotional cuddling”, says it all! I love crops..have a great day!
    hugs abby

    1. thanks abby…that comment just made me smile all weekend. Thank you for that.

      No crops came to playday…but for sure that fucking pink hairbrush was.

      (I asked HIm what would happen if I forgot to bring it, since He doubles the torture by making me take it home and bring it to playday…) He got this look in his eye and said, you don’t want to know.

      🙂 Boy was he right on that one! I do NOT want to know.

      *nervous giggle*


    1. thanks andi….

      it was a strange and busy and stressful week…leading up to a release that was as cathartic as it was blissful…

      to say I needed a good beating was an understatement.

      to say He gave me more than I was hoping for? Also an understatement. A very happy convergence of needs happened on Sunday. 🙂


    1. 🙂

      Glad you enjoy my rambles. I’m feeling very chatty of late…it’s the post-endorphin release, I think.

      virtual HUG.


  4. Just now got caught up on UnderDom, mmm. Very anxious for the next part, but of course that’s nothing new. 🙂

    I also enjoy your ramblings. I laugh and giggle and wrinkle my nose. It’s good for me. 🙂

    The picture was…. Wow! I have never seen anything like it. I am pretty vanilla in my sex life so this is all VERY new to me. But is it ok if I tell you that pic was incredibly hot?(blushing) 🙂

    Have a good weekend, Nilla!

    1. Hi April…

      Welcome to the dark side… we have chocolate..! (and crops and whips and even fucking pink hairbrushes!)

      just remember, I was a newbie once too…and I remember blushing and getting odd feelings when I saw some of those things in blogs, too. I very much remember how that felt! We all start somewhere.

      And I’m going to stop working on comments in a short while and start working on the next chapter(s) of UnderDom!

      Thanks for taking time to comment. It’s always appreciated!


  5. Yeah, you’ve been busy. So have I. I’ve been cleaning house. Our daughter is home for a week of spring break and so everything took a screaming left turn. 🙂 The dog is happy, Wolf is happy, the girl is happy, and so am I.

    I do love your rambles and hope that you have a lovely playdate with your Master. I look forward to hearing all about it when you get home and can find a brain cell or two to tap on the keys. 🙂

    1. oh, so glad your daughter is home…hope you all have had a lovely time together.

      brain cells? heh…it might be a few more days for them to awaken…



      1. LOL! Yeah, brain cells. um… maybe we can buy some on Ebay… LOL…

        It has been so much fun having our daughter home. Sunday is going to arrive way too fast.

    1. you are so right. He had fucked with my head all week with that. I had NO idea what we were doing…right up to the end.

      sneaky bastard!


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