“UnderDom” (12)

Michael wheeled Shae into the dungeon. Leaning down, he whispered into her ear.

“Time to give your submission a spin, eh?”

His play on words made her giggle, as he tipped her back and made “vroom” noises, pushing her through the foyer and into the dungeon proper. Although it was early yet, there was a small gaggle of folks gathered around the spanking bench. Shae could just make out a pair of legs as she peered around the people talking and laughing. As they drew closer, she could see why.

There, in black marker, was drawn a pair of targets, replete with bulls-eye in the center of each cheek. At the top of her butt-crack was a crude picture of a cock, with an arrow pointing downwards.

“Oh my,” she murmured, feeling the tingle in her own pussy.

Dan intercepted them. She felt her nipples tighten, as she’d had a fair number of fantasies involving the stern Dominant. There was a look in his eye that made her nervous, even as it made her tingle a bit.  She had no idea how Michael felt about this sort of thing, so she kept silent as the two men talked.

The sound of a paddle hitting flesh, and the soft whimper of a woman made her look back towards the bench. A bearded man was taking his time, lining up the shot, before smacking around the outside edge of the “target”.

Shae clearly heard his “Oops, missed again!” and the soft titters from the group gathered over there. He repeated his “oops” several times, before hauling back and whomping the center of the target. The girl, tied tightly, tried to buck and arch, but was held in place by the thick ropes around ankles and wrists.

Her yelps and gasps made several in the crowd sidled away, moving off to their own forms of play. She watched as a lovely woman pointed to the floor between her legs, as her girl knelt there, and began lapping the fat purple strap-on that jutted out.

“Sounds like a plan!”

The two men clasped hands, though Shae had no idea what they had been talking about. She returned her attention to the slave girl who was gagging as her Mistress pressed forward, burying the luridly colored dildo in the girl’s throat. She was gawking, knew she was doing it, yet could not look away.

She watched until Michael started pushing her chair, more than a little impressed with the oral skills of the small woman. She doubted she could ever deep throat something of that magnitude!

They moved down a hallway where there were a series of doors, all private rooms for rent. She’d never been in one of these, hadn’t played with this group much at all since moving here.

“Open the door, slut.” She turned her head. It thrilled her when her “mild-mannered” Michael turned on the “Dom Voice”.  The tone made her belly clench.

Michael’s brow rose, and she hurried to comply. Inside the room was a table similar to one in a doctor’s exam room. On the left wall was a rack with a variety of devices, on the right an upright cabinet. What lay behind those doors was a mystery. Leaning one shoulder to the wall stood Daniel.

“Hello little girl.” His tone was silky, and made her bite her lip.


“I remember everything you tell me, slut,” said Michael, as he helped her stand, and steadied her as he led her towards the table. She looked up at him in confusion.

“Bread 101, remember?”

And suddenly, she did. Remembered his clumsy attempts to knead a loaf of bread, his big hands made for the task. Yet he’d taken a long while to get the knack of it, rolling and punching the dough until it was smooth and elastic.

To stop her giggling, he’d asked her to tell him her deepest, darkest fantasy. He’d had to dig, and poke and pry a bit, but eventually, she had told him, of being caned while sucking another cock, of servicing two men, of being restrained, of being used.

“It’s not an uncommon fantasy you know. My last sub alternated between rape fantasy, and being used by multiple men.” He’d looked up, seen her blushing face, smiled at her. “And yet…it’s still so very …naughty.”

Her blush had deepened, and he’d leaned over and kissed her witless.

She remembered every one of those incredible kisses, remembered too the telling of her darkest fantasies. She had assumed he’d just forgotten about it…or that it would wind up in some form or other in one of his graphic novels. He’d even created a wheel-chair bound heroine, who’s super power was embalming enemies in cannoli-like dough that hardened into a cocoon instantly. She’d been almost more embarrassed about that, actually.

Lifting her carefully, Michael arranged her on the short, padded table, belly down. Lifting her hips, a pillow was slid under them to help support her back.

Michael made certain to tie her securely, but also in a simplified series of ties that could be quickly released should Shae become distressed.

“This is a very special kind of table.” Dan spoke to her, his hand on the back of her head. She saw his leg extend, then felt a thrum through the table. Slowly it lowered until her face was on a level with his crotch.

“Unzip me.”

She had to lean upward, struggling to find and grasp the pull of his zipper. She almost had it when a shock of pain on her bottom made her drop it.


A pair of laughs made her tremble.

“Zipper, slut.” The voice was firmer now, his fingers lacing into her hair, as blow after blow struck her ass, the back of her thighs, her back, her shoulders. They didn’t come fast, but they didn’t stop, either.

It felt like forever before she got the damned zipper down. Her breath inhaled the scent of man, the faint tang of urine, the more musky scent of arousal.

“C’mon, you little cocksucker, get that dick out and start working it!”

The voice was a feral growl, and she jolted as Michael switched what he was striking her with. He’d gone from a flogger to a paddle, and now she thought he was using a belt or strap. Her ass was on fire, and her pussy throbbed with a need that was so fucking intense she thought she would cum.

She’d never cum from pure pain before. But this was more than pain. Dan’s penis finally popped free from his pants, and she circled the engorged head with her tongue, then her lips. Yet he continued to thrust forward, feeding her, choking her, on his shaft.

She gagged as he slid towards the back of her throat, he moaned. Fingers slid between her thighs, slid into her pussy and ass simultaneously.

Michael’s voice sounded miles away as she struggled for breath, sucking a cock that was working its way toward her belly via her esophagus.

“Cum, slut, cum for me, right now.”

She quivered and quaked as his fingers stroked in and out of her holes, sucking hard as Dan pulled his cock free, and slid it back between her lips.

“Fucking. Good. Cocksucker.” He grunted, pulling out at the last moment and spurting on her face.  His fingers stroked through her hair, telling her wordlessly of his pleasure.

There was a shifting on the table and then she felt heat, and the scratch of male legs on her one ‘good’ thigh. Seconds later, his cock probed the entry to her belly, slick with her orgasm, then slid inside.

The door opened, closed as Dan quietly left, but Shae was beyond knowing, beyond caring. Michael was fucking her roughly, from behind, her favorite position. She could feel everything this way, the pull and push of his thickness tunneling into her, the heat of his body, the weight of him bearing down on her.

There was no escape, and none wanted.

When he came, buried inside her, his hands squeezed her tits, marking her as his.

23 thoughts on ““UnderDom” (12)

    1. Thanks Donna…very much appreciated.
      And I got two “really’s” which makes it all the better! *grins*



    1. Thanks! Had a great day for writing yesterday and actually finished it. One of those bittersweet moments, when you finish a story.


      1. I have to admit that 90% of the time I’m…. “Oh Damn! the end is coming up”. Other stories, it is so clear, that the end is Right THERE. It’s very hard to end the Tower at the moment.

  1. i was**loving** this story up til this segment. Why does every story have to wind up here, with the girl between two cocks, like she’s a piece of meat on a roasting spit? It just kills the hotness for me. Ruins the story every time something like that happens. Not every girl has that fantasy.

    1. viola,

      thanks for commenting and stating your opinion…and you’ll notice that it was a very brief segment. We all have our own kinks…and I’ll bear your comment in mind in the future. You’ll not it does not happen in every story. 🙂


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