RanDom nilla, a HNT Post :)

We’ve talked some about what happened during our playtime, and He revealed on Monday night that there was supposed to be a guest.

A guest who did not show.

I’m not sure if that added to the “feral” that came out to play, or if the feral was just there all along. There was a sense of barely contained violence at times…sexual violence…that I found to be…quite arousing. Sorry, I’m a girl, who grew up on fairy tales of sexy, strong men to carry me away.

There was just so much.

So much beating. It hurt, gods above and below did it hurt. But when he touched my cunt, and discovered how wet I was? It was like a scene from one of my stories.

“You’re so fucking wet! You’re drenched! You whore! You little fucking slut!”

And he’d nail me with something else.

He’d laid out all his implements along the foot of the bed. Not necessarily in a neat row, but they were there. Well, I amend that. The most important ones were in a neat row. The fucking pink hairbrush. Silver fucky cake thingy. The cake spreader. The fucking spoon.

At one point, when his back was turned, quick as a wink I hid the brush. I know he sensed that I moved. He looked at me, smiling all innocent-like.

“What did you do, nilla?”

I smile.

nill-a” He says, his voice carrying a tone of warning.

His eyes scan the bed, and quicker than spit he says

“Where’s the pink brush, nilla?”

I giggle. I’m both amused…and nervous. He takes a step. He growls.

nilla…where is the brush?”

I swallow, getting intimidated as He approaches me. I am laying on the bed, hands tied to my waist.


“If you don’t tell me in 3 seconds where that fucking brush is…”

I point, unable by now, to utter a word. He takes two more steps to the bed, feels under the folded duvet cover, the only place I could reach, bound as I was.

His brows go up (really, that’s why that happens a lot in my stories!) and he says “aaaah. Smart slut.”

And then he whomps whatever he can find with the fucking thing. Upper thigh… *fastindrawnbreath of shocked pain* other thigh, calf, belly, tit, upper thigh, until…I flop to my belly, trying to protect myself.

Yes. I know. (in retrospect, I can’t believe I did that, either.)

I roll over trying to protect my vulnerable thighs only to realize I’ve given him the perfect target…my voluminous ass. Oh dear. Oh my.

Oh fuckity fuck!

****                8888         ****               8888    ****

Later, He beats on my tits for a while. It’s been a kind of off-again, on-again thing. Sometimes He’ll beat my pussy, then do a drumbeat thing on my tits. Thing is, blindfolded, I can’t see it coming, can’t “brace” for it. It makes me gasp.

And then I feel it.


omfg! And then I realize that he’s stuck something on my nipple.


Moments later, my other nipple gets the same thing. He flicks it a bit, smacks it a bit, licks around it a bit. They stay on a lo-oooo-ng time. It’s painful. And delicious. In the past, I’ve cum several times just from tit/nipple pain. I didn’t this time, but it was a factor. After He clamped, he resumed beating my pussy with something…silver cake fucky thing, alternated by his hand.

I felt the heat.

The burn.

The tug on my nipples, the pain in my crotch. And then he laughs, this deep, wicked laugh. And says my pussy looks like spam. I know, I told you that part before. It amuses me no end that he compared my pussy to spam. Don’t ask me why. I’m weird that way. And I laughed…right up until His mouth landed on my pussy.

He bit.

He sucked.

He pulled.

He hit my clit, and it was swollen and tenderized…so when he sucked on it?

Mount nilla-suvious. (you know, like Mt. Vesuvius?)

In other words?

I erupted. Which made him laugh against my clit, which made me cum again.

When he finally left my poor abused pussy alone for a bit (*grinning*) He went back to hitting my tits.

Until they looked like this:

Beaten boobs 3/17/13

They still look like that, btw, just with more purple and blue now. And I still haven’t attempted to put a bra on them.

So there you have it, an HNT with a story to it. A bit more of our playtime. And I still haven’t told you my favorite part. 🙂

23 thoughts on “RanDom nilla, a HNT Post :)

  1. OHmg! I can’t believe you did that. Then again… it is YOU. 🙂 BTW, the cake spreader… is that the one Wolf sent your Master? If it is, that thing bloody well stung!

    What in the hell were those things on your nipples? Clothes pegs? Yeouch!

    And I am so glad that Wolf has a ‘lighter’ hand, and that I don’t bruise, but I have to admit that I love it when you share your adventures. Looking forward to hearing about your favourite part.

    1. it is not the same one but it is similar in design. His has a thicker blade that he has wrapped in duct tape to give it added impact, and keep the edges from cutting my skin.

      The pegs on my nips are clips that I found at a department store. 🙂


    1. Hi Robert…

      well, we all have our own level of what we like, right? And Master and nilla have been playing for over 3 years now. Truthfully? I would have wanted more…HE is the one who draws the line when enough is enough. I’m a true masochist. . . this sort of “beating” turned me on so much…I came, many, many, MANY times, squirting and all.

      If he was more gentle with me, well…neither of us would be happy.


  2. Oh fuckity fuck FUCK!! I’m in awe, in envy, in …
    Isn’t it funny how degrees of ferrel come out. Holy hell that can be such a turn on!!

    We use those clips too…they are tight and strong. Only a few others in our arsenal are stronger. But the alternating…pain/pleasure…pussy/tits…WOW.

    YOUR HNT is beautiful…during and after.


    1. Thanks Fiona,

      And those clips ARE tight. I like them almost better than clothes pins because they grab more skin, which sounds weird, but there ya go!

      They are not as bad as the clamps with weights!


  3. Oh my! Being blindfolded does make it so much harder to be ready for a blow.. but sound and looks like you both had a wonderful time!

  4. Ouf I love tit torture! Something makes.me wiggy about bruises on.top.though. even though you wear them so well.

    You know I read all of your words. Describing this exquisite time together. But all I’m really seeing is love and passion.

    1. yes!!! exactly that. Much, much love. And this time our passion was very…raw. I growled as much as He did. I’m the one who screamed “BITE MEEEE PLEASEEEE” when I was cumming…He was only too happy to do so.
      Thank you andi, for “getting it”. I know it isn’t for everyone, this level of physical play. But it works for us.


  5. I don’t think I would leave marks on those beautiful breasts, hickie’s, a few pinches maybe! But, if that’s what makes the motor run, then glad it works for you!

  6. Ok, yeah, too much for me. BUT, I’m not running away yet.
    I love the way you talk about it. Someone mentioned love and passion, I agree. While i know that level of intensity is too much for me, you write about it with an incredible sense of clarity in who you are, who he is, who you are together, your needs and wants both seperate and together.
    I think that’s part of what keeps bringing me back here. Don’t misunderstand, I love your other writings, omg they are hot and erotic….
    But your ‘ ramblings’ the way you write about your life and your Master. It is truly amazing and addicting.


    On the other hand I do love getting bit…..

    1. There is nothing like getting bit, is there? To me it says “I love you/want you so much I want to gobble you up!”

      Thank you for your thoughtful (and kind) words. We do play rough…but we both enjoy that. It works for who we have evolved to. It’s funny because I never think it’s all that extreme…I know there are couples who play harder than us.

      I’m glad I didn’t scare you off. 🙂


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