HNT Rambles

Is it me or is this week absolutely *flying* past? Snow is *finally* melting from the northeast, we’ve broken 40 twice already this week, and might, maybe, possibly, hit 50 over the weekend. The pussy willows are finally fuzzing out, blue starflowers are refusing to be swayed by the last of the snow piles and are blooming brilliant as the sky. Even my chives are peeking up out of the planter, cautiously scenting the air…Spring is creeping in on little cat feet, and nothing gladdens my heart more after this unbelievably long winter. (on the bright side? after getting nearly 100 inches of snow this winter, it is unlikely that we’ll be facing a drought this summer!)

Here it is, HNT day, and I thought I’d do something a bit different than the tradition boob shot, a glimpse of the full nilla, as it were. Happy Spring, and happy HNT!

This is nillap.s….this was taken in late January, when my hair was going through that disastrous purple -red phase, which thankfully, is all gone! (What a difference a few months make!)


22 thoughts on “HNT Rambles

  1. Randomness in response to your randomness
    1. I really wish it would warm up here where-i-live. Still in the 30s. Hopefully by Easter it should be 50.
    Good thing too, i bought peep toe heels to wear with my Easter dress.
    2. Every time i hear/see the word pussy willow, I am reminded of when I student taught in elementary music. There is a song about pussy willows that is often used to teach the concept of a scale. As we began the song this one kindergartener’s eyes got as big as saucers, ” my grandma says i can’t say that word.”
    3. You are capital H HOT, nilla. Wow.

    1. I LOVE random-ish comments!

      I adore that pussy willow story. Poor kiddo!

      And thank you…after that 50-day challenge I hope that spare tire in the middle is a lot less “robust”. 🙂


    1. Thanks dreamer…

      unfortunately, I *hated* it. It is, overall, a nice color, really…but it is SO not what was on the box (a hot, vixen-ish vibrant red)…and I was hoping for copper…

      but I’m back more to what I’m used to so all is well!


    1. Thanks angel!

      One of my fav. outfits, actually (hides a lot, lol!)

      as to the hair…yes, it’s not a *bad* color…I just hated it. 🙂


    1. Thanks fondles.

      I’ve been doing my part-time job for about 4.5 months when I finally tried the gloves on again…and danged if they didn’t go up past my elbow easy as pie! I was psyched. 🙂


    1. well…for the picture, yes. I hadn’t realized quite what he was doing there…”turn your head” he says, so I do, and he takes the pic. It was only later when he sent them to me that I got it. Smart, smart Man. 🙂

      (and most of the time I’m blindfolded!)


  2. Beautiful, beautiful picture! Love your outfit, hair, shoes, everything!
    Here in the Midwest spring is gaining a nice foothold. The grass is green and my tulips and daisies are starting to bud. The tempature has gotten to the high 60’s several times already, although that has been interspersed with snow and rain. With the horrible drought in my area last year we are in desperate need of the moisture, so I am trying not to complain about the snow too much.
    Enough rambling from me. I love the picture Nilla, you are one hot woman.

    1. Hi April!

      I love rambling comments…I really do.

      Quite jealous that you have budding (and maybe by now, blooming?) daffy’s and tulips. Well, not yet on the tulilps, I imagine. We had a buncha crocus open over the weekend but last night a cold front came through and we’ll barely break freezing today (after 4 days in the upper 50’s.)

      You all had wicked drought. We had it here as well, our first in ages and ages. Hoping you have recouped some of your deficit.


  3. A very nice picture for sure, and I can understand why Sir B likes to mark you up as he does. Sort of like a blank canvas as you sit and wait…….and wait.. Tip

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