This is What Happens…

…when you all say that you like this girl’s rambles…you wind up getting more of them!

Actually it is more a matter of timing, of these thought bubbles that appear in my head, and I think…I need to talk about this with my buddies. You all…*waves hand through cyberspace* are kind of my invisible friends. Some of you write to me, many more don’t. And that’s okay. I love to hear from you, I sincerely do. But I was a lurker for a long time on blogs and I understand that sometimes it is nerve-wracking to type out a name, an email address (which is never published, btw) and come up with a comment…it’s stressful. I grok. *nods sagely*

So there I was, my morning suddenly opening up after thinking that today (Friday)would be UBER stressful…one task accomplished very quickly and efficiently, the other evaporating. (Ah, if only the laundry would similarly go POOF, eh?!)

What did I do with that time?

I read blogs. About a dozen, I think. I put comments on a few, smiled over others. (I too stress about saying “the right thing” in those responses. Just so you non-responders think it’s “only you”…it’s not.)

And as I was reading…I realized that I have not responded to a single one of you who has taken time to comment over the last few days. I’m going to jump on that today (and hopefully as you read this over your Easter Sunday morning coffee, it’s done!), and do a bit of writing. But after this afternoon my time is completely committed to others, and I’ve finally de-stressed about it.

Mostly. 🙂 (as my kids say, that’s just how I roll…)

I have a few naughty tales I’m working on, but having the weekend off from writing (and really, most of this week was rambly rather than “write-y”) will make me desperate to sit and start composing.

(That word always makes me think of that Beethoven joke…do you know it? Why do you hear Beethoven’s 5th Symphony playing backwards when you go to visit his grave? Because he’s de-composing…wahahaha..yeah, it’s juvenile. *laughs*)

I’m starting the 50 day challenge early because if I don’t toughen up a bit I’ll die on Monday when I have to do the full 50 of everything…LOL…so I’ve done half of all the required moves for the last few days…and I’m happy to report that I’ve lost over 2 pounds since Master got me “on track”…woot. (The goal is ten by Father’s Day weekend.) I’m happy to report my results here…and you will all have to deal with my happy bragging. 🙂

OH! Have any of you all seen the new Huggies ad? Now, I am well and truly past the diapering age here (thank the goddess…!) and I was never a Huggie momma…cloth diapers all the way…but this new ad? It’s fucking *brilliant*. It says “New mom” and shows her covering herself and the babe in a restaurant as she breastfeeds. The second shot is mom with babe two, at the table (as opposed to hiding in a corner) boob mostly exposed as the child nurses. 🙂 Makes me smile every. single. time. Breastfeeding is natural, nurturing, perfect. And who doesn’t like to see a booby flash now and again, right?


Well, after attending to a few more “necessary” tasks, I found myself some time to sit and come back here.  Had to share with my peeps…oh wait. I just can-not  use the word anymore. Seriously. My 6 yo has a wicked sweet tooth and we went to the grocery story a bit ago…

There are frigging Peeps everywhere. Do you know Peeps? Marshmallow treats shaped as baby chicks or other Easter-y critters, covered in yellow sugar. Except now they come in purple and pink and blue and green…I’ll admit that my kiddo was kinda funny in her perseverance  and more than one person was grinning as she walked hunched over, stiff legged and saying “Peep? Peep?” canting her head this way and that.

Yeah, I still said no.

Last thing that girl needed was more sugar.

Me too.

I’m having my first bout of cravings. I’ll get through it, but man…it sucks.


Last night I was exchanging texts with Master while I was at work. We were talking about “normal stuff” and then he says something about me farting. (whatta “guy”, right?) And I said I don’t fart hard enough to do what he was suggesting…that was a guy thing.

He responds with “Okay, wel’ll work on it-just need a bigger asshole”

to which *I* respond:

“I already have a large Asshole-He created ZNN”

whahahaha…instead of getting slammed, He laughs, and told me that my zinger earned me a reprieve of a half-o on ZNN. Who knew the Master enjoys a smartass sub.

(well I did… 🙂 )

We’re still trying to work out when our next playday will be. We might miss the entire month of April between our two schedules, but I’m already ready to jump back on the Wall and play sexy nasty painful games with Him. You all know what  a greedy slut I am. 🙂

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate, and blessed Spring for those who follow a more pagan tradition…and happy Sunday to those of you who merely enjoy the dawning of a new day. 🙂


17 thoughts on “This is What Happens…

  1. Ah Nilla. We ARE in sync. LOL… I’m due to start Camp NaNoWriMo on the 1st. So, I’ll be writing more. Plus other things are making my life just a tad busy. And… if this damn weather doesn’t settle down, I may die of horniness! (weather makes Wolf hurt.)

    Lots of hugs! Happy Spring! Blessed Ostara! Happy Easter!

    1. sending whammies for Wolf, and prayers for blue skies and clear nights perfect for snuggling. Post-spanking, of course.



  2. Holy Rambles nilla!!

    Happy Easter, very happy spring!! I don’t feel all that invisible – gotta tell you =)

    Congrats on the two pounds. Your smart to work up to Monday … Me – I’m a complete procrastinator and will just fucking die on Monday. So I’ll be done commenting cause I’ll be decomposing with Bethoven.


    1. Thanks mouse…it was a really nice Easter. Work went fast and smoothly, and got the eggs hidden, and the meal was yummy. The weather was even good!


  3. Oh while I don’t have playtime as you do I would have to hurt someone to go without for a month. Seriously. The thought alone would turn me into a mean ass dom. Today I am recovering from feeling like I have been beat due to all the cleaning, cooking, rearranging and stuff I did to have the family gathering yesterday. Yet no one claims to have seen the truck that nailed me at some point and drove off. A heating pad and I are becoming close friends..

    1. yeah…i grok that kind of exhaustion. It took a few days for me to recover from all the work, too. Today is the first day I felt like “me”…slept 9 hours the last two days. Shocking!

      Hope you recover soon, too!


  4. It sounds like this last week was just crazy for everybody. Happy Easter to all, it has dawned so beautiful here.
    Nilla, I have been procrastinating about getting back on a health regime, you have inspired me to start this week. I am looking forward to your bragging, and congrats on the 2 pounds.

    1. Thank you and good for you for jumping onto the exer-wagon. We’re in good company all working and groaning together! I’m seriously excited to check out my measurements after the first week. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the congrats…and I have a thing for peeps. I konw. It’s terrible. However…two peeps are still WAAAAY less calories than 1 pop tart. I’ve had an issue with pop tarts since December….sigh.

      They were my ice cream placibo. (this is not a good idea, friends…it jus tisn’t …)


  5. Good for you on the – 2 already!
    Funny ,, I never think that when I comment, anyone would comment on my comment…so when you do it is a nice plus~
    Good luck with April.. after Easter, the year( school) is almost over so things always go crazy.
    Glad to read your rambles any time at all~!
    and yes.. peeps are totally gross.. always have been.

    1. mmmpeeeps…. 🙂

      I love marshmallow things. Remember Malomars? nom nom.

      Things are crazy. The kids are arguing about lessons in ways that they rarely do. It’s always a juggling routine this time of year. We all want fresh air and sunshine. And I want to foster their curiousity, not stifle it…we’ll get through this.



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