Wowza News…

It is with deep regret that I write to you all to tell you that I’ve decided to give up sex. It is simply not working any more. Not only that, but I’m so freaking tired of trying to come up with fantasies for having orgasms with. I’ve put all my best stuff here, I think, and I can’t read while I do it since my eyes are shut. And I don’t have a plug next to my bed that isn’t in use for my dildo’s. Which I won’t need anymore since I’m giving up sex.






*bursts out laughing*

Seriously you guys…who would EVER believe that about *me*…I’m the horniest slut in Central Massachusetts. LOL. That is all, my pervie friends…other than the admonishment to go out and enjoy punking your friends and family!


a hysterically laughing nilla


26 thoughts on “Wowza News…

    1. πŸ™‚ I figured no one would *really* believe it…it was the best I could do all sleep deprived.

      i’ll have to do better next year. hahaha!


  1. Lol I read “it is with deep regret” and thought oh its April 1. *btw don’t say this to loudly, I’m sure that Master of yours could use it against you somehow* πŸ˜‰

    1. I feel exactly the same Bill…funny …yeah…just the thought of no sex sends shivers through me!


  2. Think you got us do you, Sir B, please have at her add with the hair brush. Take as many swipes at as you want. Tip

      1. well…I did when I read this…and then came the “yikes” part. You funny Bastard!



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