HNT 4/11/13

This week is flying past and I’ve had little time for weaving tales into my own head. Tonight at work I’ll plug my “writing music” into my ipod and listen to that as I work. Not sure how and why it opens me, but it does. And tomorrow I will MAKE time to write.

For now I have a wee funny that I saw on facebook via Brian Kesinger’s Tea Girls -can’t find his website just now but if you google it you’ll see some neat octo-art. Verrry kewl, steampunk-y, Victorian-esque pics. But he posted this the other day which made me giggle:

drunk octopus


Now, that’s not at all HNT, but I just HAD to share. 🙂

Here’s the HNT part…but some backstory first…

Master sent me tons and tons of rainbow pix as a way to make me smile when I was feeling sad or down. He’s not doing that so much these days – and i’m okay with that…life evolves. We evolve. I’ve evolved it to this:



I have a few prisms in my window, and the other day, thing aligned so that when I stood up from my table, I found a rainbow on my shirt. Well…you know me and my naughty mind. 🙂

Rainbow boobage for Master, and allowed by Him to share with you!

Happy Half-nekkid Thursday!