i <3 you guys…

sitting here before bed reading comments…greengirl…you made me cry my eyes out…in a very good way.

thank you. thank you all of you. The ones with silent support and you more vocal ones.

seriously, you all …i can *feel* the caring and love from you…and your words filled my heart to overflowing (hence the deeply moved tears)…

going to bed with a much lighter spirit. bless you one and all (oh I can’t use that–been done)…okay how about…sending my love and caring back to you, redoubled. Yeah. That’ll work.


(and hugs and fistbumps for you ‘untouchy feely” folks)





9 thoughts on “i <3 you guys…

    1. definitly am an accepter of hugs. LOVE them….and of course when you wrote “air hugs” my mind went to air tight….

      oh i’m so naughty.



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