“Your body is not your body any longer. It now belongs to me. It is mine to do with as I please-to hurt, to fuck, to use. You will find pleasure as well as discomfort in this, but it is what you have agreed to for these weeks.”

Her teeth bit into her bottom lip. He’d made it clear she was not to speak, and she bore the marks of that learning on her thighs. She would not forget again.

She was tied securely to the frame in his play room, arms above her head, feet splayed apart. The tapping of the ruler against his palm as he stared at her made her nervous. It struck her breast once, twice, more. Light taps, but after 6 or more they began to sting. And he increased the pressure, and the speed of the blows, making her wince. She bit her lip harder, determined not to cry. She had signed up for this, after all, to be a sex toy for two weeks.

“You will cry, when it hurts bad enough.”

His smile was tight, predatory. It made her nervous. His hand kept slapping the ruler on her nipple, while the other touched between her legs. He wiped the wetness of his fingers on her belly, nodding knowingly as he stared into her eyes.

He kept hitting the one nipple, until the heat of it burned through her inhibitions, until the pain was nearly unbearable, until the first glistening tear fell like a crystal, down her cheek.

He caught it on his fingertip, lifted it to her line of sight.

“The first of many.”

He slid his finger into his mouth, sucked it hard, cheeks concaving as he swallowed the small salty drop.

Then returned to beating her nipple.


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