Writing has been going well, thankfully the days of quiet have rekindled the fire in my own dragon’s belly. Things are good with Master and nilla, though the teasing has ramped up a bit between us-a play day is in the offing, less than 2 weeks now. He was away last week, driving in the car–well He was a passenger for part of the trek, so I sent Him a series of naughty tit shots to cheer Him up. You know, just doin’ my part as the slut, right? 🙂

And we’re all trying to find a balance these days, though I’ve met more who are angry and unwilling to be fearful than not. Quite a different philosophy here, now, than that after Sept 11th, when everyone was scared. It’s not that they (ah that ubiquitous ‘they’) can’t scare us…they do…but they won’t keep us down. So, in the vein of keeping life normal…here in slut land, normal is tits on Thursday.

Snapshot_20130416_10I’ve not played with my webcam all that much of late, and the lighting in my wee room is *terrible*…but it sure made an interesting photo. My hair IS red-though it doesn’t look it in this shot. My tits don’t usually glow like pearls, either. 🙂

And in the interest of total honesty, I have my waist cincher on (yay it fits again!) and a bra which you can sorta kinda see there, giving the girls a boost. Ya’ll know about middle age sag, so this crone will take her boosts where she can get ’em. 🙂


Here’s another shot in this series, cincher and allllll….including clamps since this was done just just just before I headed to bed to masturbate (and OH it was SO good!)


Today (Wednesday) was a gorgeous day in the northeast, one of those rare, top 10 days. Low humidity, cloudless blue skies, temps hovering just below 70 (which is why many wouldn’t quite call it “top ten). A great day for yardwork, and gardening and living our lives.

Here’s another shot just because. Different lighting, taken last week with my phone. I like the moodiness of it. Call me weird, but if I’m embracing my inner joy, that includes my inner perv, and part of that (for me) is flashing the girls. 🙂 It pleases Master, and that pleases me.

Happy Half-nekkid Thursday!