Tits for Tip

Sometimes it is what it is…a bad day catches us, or our good day is suddenly flipped over to reveal the dark underbelly. But sometimes? Sometimes you know that there will be a “bad day”…and for my faithful blog follower, Tip (you all know Tip from Maine, right? He’s got lots n lots of rope, or so I hear *wink*) such is the case (apparently) today.

He sent me a comment last week letting me know that His Monday was going to suck, and could I please consider posting a few titpix to cheer Him up.

So Tip–thanks for being one of my earliest followers, and a constant commenter….I sure hope Your Monday wasn’t as bad as You thought it would be…but even so, I hope this makes it a wee bit bearable.

Hugs, nilla



Snapshot_20121202_2(wow has my hair grown some since this was taken (dec 2012)!!)