HNT-Spring Tee-ser

Sent this to Master the other day when I was feeling ignored. 🙂 The things us subs need to do to “catch” our Top’s attention….

I know He has tons of meetings on Monday, so I sent this to Him in the late afternoon to “liven up” His next meeting.

Hey, I’m only here to help… (grins naughtily)


15 thoughts on “HNT-Spring Tee-ser

  1. You do realize that such tit-ulation could cause localized swelling or perhaps loss of consciousness due to lack of blood to his brain. I’m amazed the poor man can walk, talk or text at times! 🙂

    Lovely breasts as always.

    • LOL…see? that’s it exactly…coming from a place of deep *caring*….nothing to do with “tit-ilation” …nuh uh…. 🙂


  2. I’m sure that got a rise out of him, did to me! Know my blood pressure is up and I have a doc’e app, sigh, you did it again

    • oh, that would be something to share with the world…”wish you were here, pinning me to the wall by my throat and fucking me”….that’s a good one, too. Trust me. *nods sagely, holding in the giggles*


    • i swear to god, Tip, i laughed so hard reading this that I was crying. Funniest damn comment I’ve had in a while, and I thank you so much for it. 🙂



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