So, get your cuppa (coffee, tea, confection of juice blenders, whatever), and let’s chat a bit, eh? I’m leanin’ on you today. Today was gonna be the day, you know? Lotsa fucking around, being beaten, kissing and being with my Master.


You know, I’ve been down this road before. Usually it’s fucking mother nature (sorry mother nature–but you know you’ve been a bitch to me sometimes) who dumps 20 inches of snow, or throws up a hurricane to bollux plans.

This time, it was Master’s family. His kids are grown, and he is unattached…except for this one persistent slut who keeps hanging around him (yes, me!).  But his daughter had surgery this week unbeknownst to him. She needs her daddy to be there for her this weekend, as she is still very much recovering; much sleeping, no lifting of things etcetera–all the things that happen post-surgery. She can’t be alone, and everyone in the extended family (mom, brother, friend) have helped out–and Dad got the weekend.

It is what it fucking is, right?

*takes a deep drink of tea*


Here I am, with an open runaway day and no Master to play with. He told me as soon as he knew this might be a possibility, the day of her surgery (he found out when his son let it be known that she was having a hard time coming out of the anesthesia which freaked him out, understandably enough), and since then he’s been trying to get updates as to when his “tour of duty” would occur. He did let them know he’d had plans, but we both agree that our families must come first.


So–I’m miserable company today.  Be glad you’re not sitting beside me right now. 🙂 I’d alternate between telling you how His eyes sparkle when He’s fucking with me, and how fucking annoying He can be sometimes.

And I’d likely moan a little more than a wee bit, about not having had a playday in a while and yanno, it’s gonna be fuckin’ forever before we get another chance for one; unless He is free on Memorial Day weekend at some point, it’ll be mid-June. And it’s not even HIS fault–my family obligations peak in May. If I recall correctly, HE has obligations on that holiday weekend, so really I think it will be 7 weeks before another play time can be attempted.


We did get a tiny bit of face time Saturday night after work. It wasn’t a long time, less than 30 minutes, but gosh His eyes DO gleam and sparkle when He fucks with me.

And despite being –okay–annoyed with the upset in our plans (not AT Him, just at circumstances) I remember, when I see Him.

I remember His magnetism.

He is charming. He is mean. He is devilish. He is SUCH  a Dom.  He’s sexy, and He lights me up. There’s just this energy between us that is palpable. He tickles me and sneak-pinches me, so that I have a quarter-sized bruise on my arm. He pours a little bit of His magical elixir into me– pain and love and giggles- and it goes into the empty place where I was lonely and annoyed and needy. It’s a bandaid, but you know what happens under a bandaid, right?

You heal.

I heal.

And after the keen-edge of disappointment is blunted, I’ll go on through my busy May, happily (lustily, needily)looking forward to June and being with the one who hurts me so fine.

Thanks for coming by and having tea with me. I feel better having talked this all out with you.  I’m going to go off and have a hike, the weather is fine, and heading towards wonderful. You enjoy your Sunday, too.