The Musuem (5)

Taking his cock from his pants, he stepped forward. She smelled him, the rich scent of man, of cock, of sex.

The slap on her tit caught her by surprise–she’d not seen him grab the crop until it was there in his hand. Her focus had been on one thing, getting that hunk of man-meat in her mouth. The artist for the bronze hadn’t exaggerated a damned thing.

“Eat up, girl.”

He slashed through the air with the crop,  landing it on her thigh. She opened her mouth wider as she eeked gasp of pain. The jolt tugged at her wrists, tugged at her hair, tugged at the chain holding her here. If she fell over, she’d likely pull every hair out of her head. Saying as much to him as his cock hung an inch in front of her lips, he offered her one suggestion.

“Don’t fall over then, slut.”

Any other words she may have attempted were shoved back into her mouth by his enormous shaft. He pushed in firmly, making her take it, take it. She felt the urge to gag, then the gag itself. Hotter than the warm bronze statue she’d mouthed before, flexible enough to bend its way through her reticence and into her throat, his cock fucked deep. Then slowly his hips slipped back, pulling the shaft from her until the flared head of it caught at the edge of her lips. He hung there for a moment, just the tip of his cock resting on her bottom lip, then he tipped forward and slid within again. Every few seconds he would strike her with the crop. Shoulder, back, thigh tit, arm. He’d hit, and fuck, fuck and hit. She was torn between whimpers from the stinging slaps, gagging from the sheer size of him, and joy to finally have him in her mouth.

He pulled out, a string of spit joining them for a moment, breaking as he moved behind her to untie her. He rubbed her cramped muscles, then took a handful of hair.

“Come along now.”

He led her, wrists still tied behind her back, into yet another room, bending her over a doctor’s style exam table. He tugged a strap up and over her, tightening it on the other side. It passed over her neck, holding her face-first in the middle of it, tits pressed against the cool faux-leather surface. Her ass jutted out. How convenient, she thought.

And then thoughts slid away as something pressed into her pussy.

Whatever it was it was big. There was a hiss of velcro; he wrapped a strap around her thigh. He moved around the table again, releasing her hands, and bringing them up over her head. Again the hiss of straps being released, then fastened around each wrist.

“You may cum.”

There was flick, and the thing in her pussy leapt to life. She moaned. There were things going on behind her, she wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but she didn’t care. She hung on the edge as the vibe churned. Her cunt grabbed at it, but it didn’t speed any faster than he’d set it at.

“Sir…I…i can’t….”

“Ah, a pity, then.”

He didn’t sound a bit sorry that the big vibe in her pussy wasn’t set quite high enough to bounce her up over the edge of her raving need.

She whimpered, moaned, and dared to complain. She needed to cum. Pleasepleaseplease…

Until He silenced her. He lifted her head by her hair, then inserted a short but fat dildo into her mouth. In moments, a strap was wrapped around her head. It pressed just deep enough to make her almost gag, and was wide enough to prop her jaws open. It hovered just at the edge of discomfort. It was definitely annoying. She tried to mumble around the fat hunk of rubber in her mouth, but only managed to squirt drool from around the edges.

He lifted her head, saw her glaring at him, and smiled. The bastard!

“Nice drool.”

He dropped her head and slapped her ass.

“Better ass. By the way. This is going to hurt.”

The slap of leather on skin was an unmistakable sound. He didn’t start slowly, but hit fast and hard.

Just the way she liked it, actually.

Whimpers and wriggling did nothing. He moved all around her bottom until the stinging glow of hot beaten flesh was everywhere. Her butt felt like it was on fire. A puddle of drool had formed under her mouth; due to the gentle slope of the table, it now coated her tits. The vibe in her pussy hummed steadily.

“You take it well, slut.” His breath came heavily, and she knew he was deeply aroused. There was a squirt, and something cold hit the crack between her cheeks.

He wasn’t.

He couldn’t.

That giant dick up her asshole?

She shook her head, whimpering. A warm finger pressed against her anus, intruded. In and out it moved, painting her butthole with lube. A second finger joined the first, then a third, stretching, stretching her. She couldn’t…she yowled around the cock gag as the head of his cock popped in when his fingers slid out.

“Breathe through it.”

He pressed deeper, slowly entering her. Her ass felt like it was being stretched around a fucking  baseball bat! He moved deeper, until she couldn’t think, could barely breathe. There was pain but not the body ripping sensations she’d been afraid of. He began to pull out, and her body, feeling voided, was flooded with the sensation of deep relief.

Yet in seconds he’d pressed back into her bum. Her body stiffened as the orgasm caught her unaware. She felt the squirt of hot juice around the vibe still rumbling in her cunt, the spray of it down her legs.

oh my gawd…she thought, head slumping onto the table. He filled her, and began fucking faster, deeper. Soon he was all the way in, then all the way out. Her ass pressed back into him as he pressed in again, her body shaking through another intense orgasm. Her fingers clenched, released. Clenched released.

Her focus, all of it, rested on the vibing shaking gripping squirting of her pussy, and the deep gutting of her ass by the monster cock sundering it.

His fingers dug into her, climbing her sides, finding her tits and tugging them as he fucked faster. She  knew that his own orgasm must be coming soon, his hips rocked into hers, pulsing and pumping like a machine. The steady thud of his body slamming hers sent her off into the universe as she came again. Her legs trembled, her clit throbbed.

“Good. Fucking. Ass. Whore.”

He stiffened, his fingers locked on her titflesh, squeezing painfully, but it only added to her final eruption. She wondered if one could die from pleasure, just as she felt the darkness closing around her.


She woke slowly, feeling a deep throb in her pussy and ass. Where the hell was she? Glowing in the window opposite from where she lay, the sun was setting in brilliant abandon.

She pushed herself up. Naked as a jaybird, she noted, and then smiled even as she winced. Her butt hurt. She felt the muscle-deep pain  and knew the sunset wasn’t the only blooming happening-she could almost feel bruises sprouting.

Wondering where he had gone to, she rose, carefully, from the bed and set out to find where Leo was hiding.

14 thoughts on “The Musuem (5)

    • yeah…i have a love/hate relationship with anal…yet I come like a bitch in heat.. (ergo the story line there!)…


  1. Today I need to come up with a reason to open a musem, for the very reason this little lady went to one, and can’t think of a damn reason, other than I want to get laid like this. Let’s see, how many women want to see fishing flies, no that won’t work, ah, shipbuilding, no again that isn’t going to get really sexed up women wanting to get an old guy to to take anything he wants. Maybe I will just go fishing. Tip

    • LOL…a fly museum? that made me laugh out loud. seriously.

      Tip? You constantly bring a smile to this sluts face. 🙂


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