It All Comes Down to Tits… HNT 5/2/13

Master is, above all else, a tit Man. This pleases me, at this point in my life. Pleases me too that He “makes me” post a half-nekkid (or let us be honest, often FULLY nekkid) tittty pic every Thursday for your viewing/masturbating/titillation/pleasure/whatever you look at them for! It gives me a wee bit of kinky pleasure to imagine you all looking at me. Weird, coz I’ve always been shy about showing cleavage….until Master.

And you all likely don’t know this about me (despite all that I spew out here!)….I used to HATE my tits.

Oh, no. That’s far too mild a term.



Those are better.

I developed tits verrrrrry early. All the other girls in school were flat…and I had bumps, which quickly surpassed my mom’s modest B-cup. By High School I was a C-cup and then squished into a D. Unfettered, my tits hung to my waist. I wasn’t overweight or maybe just 5 pounds, no more. But I had GINORMOUS tits, the only one in my family.

I was teased, mercilessly, about them at family gatherings. I was groped by boyfriends, and eyed in school. I was molested, I was oogled….my breasts were the source of all things “bad” to me.

In my 20’s I had a reduction mammoplasty–a breast reduction. They went from a size what-the-fuck to a full B-C  cup.

Over the years, growing fat, then thin, then fat, then thin (see a cycle here?) they got bigger until I’m now a solid D…

But now?

My breasts are something I like. I’ve made friends with them. I like the look in Master’s eyes when He oogles me.  I love the feeling of His hands on my tits, squeezing, slapping, pinching. And the indescribable pleasure and pain of His mouth on them, sucking, biting, licking. I even adore the silly comments He sends when I sext Him some boobage while He’s at work. (like the one today where I was pinching my nipple and He replies “nice nails”…LOL…as if my Tit Man was really looking at my fake fingernails, right?)

I have a friend who had a mastectomy as part of her recovery from breast cancer. She’s young, 30’s.  She has survived breast cancer, and has opted to do reconstruction at some later period in her recovery. She is learning to love herself with just one breast.

I’m reminded of the picture I first saw on facebook that sin posted on her blog here…it to me is the very picture of self-acceptance…in as much as this unknown woman needed to tattoo her mastectomy scars, to rebuild her sense of acceptance, so too do I post *my* pictures here. (and you thought I was just an exhibitionist!)

It makes me happy to finally be at this place of self-awareness. I’m short, I’m round, I have big tits (though not as big nor as “full” as they were back in the day-gravity is the enemy! Well, unless we discount not sailing off into the vacuum of space. Okay gravity isn’t exactly the *enemy* but certainly NOT a BFF!) and I’m okay with aalllll of who I am.

Snapshot_20130426_3I think it was Master’s fascination with my tits that helped me finally, finally find peace within myself. So for Master and your edification, nilla’s boobage of the week. 🙂