Hey ya’ll….

first…I want to introduce you to Rose–a new blogger on the block with a very nice style of writing. I just added her to my blogroll, but I sure hope you go check her out! You can click here to go right to her brand new blog!

second…as a small aside…I know sfp fancies herself the queen of klutz, but I just stole her crown! The other day, I  took a tumble in the house, landing very badly on my bum ankle, and fractured it.

I have a walking boot and can walk on it while I wear it. The nerves are kind of dead there from prior breaks and sprains so there is little pain. It’s swollen and is ugly as can be…a balloon caricature of a foot! I can still go to work, but I may spend more time sitting as I’ve had to let go of several things that I had planned on doing.

You know what sitting means…more  time for writing. 🙂

See? always a silver lining.  NO idea how this will impact Master and nilla play time–we’ll see. He’s out of town this weekend but has been very kind to me via text.

okay, one more happy thing before you go. I’ve submitted a story for potential publication. 🙂 X your fingers for me, willya? TYVM. Now, shoo. (I typo’d “shoe”…lol…Freudian slip, huh?!) go on and read Rose’s blog. You’ll like it. Really. 🙂

and then….

it slithered over her shoulder and around her breast/white as snow and strongly woven/coiling around one tit/coiling around another tit

and then

he draws it tight.

purple was the color-a bruisy blushing of flesh against the whiteness of rope/small sounds escape her mouth/fingers dance over the swollen orbs with pinching touches/the sharp and sudden scent between them of hot wet pussy

and then

fingers draw into her hair bending her/a rigid shaft inserted between her gasping lips accompanied by the wet slapping gurgle of a woman suckling

and then

lifted by her hair/quick slaps to swollen breasts as his cock bobs with every blow/cries rising to crechendo

and then

falling to soft sighs as release courses through her/thighs painted with her come he slides between hot swollen lips 

and then

presses fast/deeply/pummelling into the slick tunnel/speeding ever closer to that edge/tighter/tighter/faster/hotter/wetter/clenching until his balls can no longer hold back the flood tide/eyes and hands filled with the glorious purpling orbs of her pain

and then

as release cascades like a roaring waterfall -he bites- into the perfect plum of her breast