and then….

it slithered over her shoulder and around her breast/white as snow and strongly woven/coiling around one tit/coiling around another tit

and then

he draws it tight.

purple was the color-a bruisy blushing of flesh against the whiteness of rope/small sounds escape her mouth/fingers dance over the swollen orbs with pinching touches/the sharp and sudden scent between them of hot wet pussy

and then

fingers draw into her hair bending her/a rigid shaft inserted between her gasping lips accompanied by the wet slapping gurgle of a woman suckling

and then

lifted by her hair/quick slaps to swollen breasts as his cock bobs with every blow/cries rising to crechendo

and then

falling to soft sighs as release courses through her/thighs painted with her come he slides between hot swollen lipsΒ 

and then

presses fast/deeply/pummelling into the slick tunnel/speeding ever closer to that edge/tighter/tighter/faster/hotter/wetter/clenching until his balls can no longer hold back the flood tide/eyes and hands filled with the glorious purpling orbs of her pain

and then

as release cascades like a roaring waterfall -he bites- into the perfect plum of her breast

26 thoughts on “and then….

    1. I forget *where* that is on the blog…but its been there in some form or other for a while…you’ll have to remind me where you saw it! LOL!


      1. oh, okay…lets see…I think I updated that a few months ago? Maybe sooner. It was snowing, I remember that. (yeah it was always snowing here this winter…but in the grand scheme of things it was relatively recently)

        And I love using the analogy of dragons–



    1. πŸ™‚

      this is one of those stories that literally took 15 minutes of intense writing to do..and was letter perfect from the get-go. Happens rarely but when it does? My heart thumps and I’m turned on and…phew! It’s one hell of a ride!

      so glad you liked it!


    1. YAY APRIL!!!!

      I put your new name in my blogroll and left you a comment. Your blog is *delightful* !!

      Welcome to the blogosphere (and feel free to ask questions as you play with wordpress!)


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