Hey ya’ll….

first…I want to introduce you to Rose–a new blogger on the block with a very nice style of writing. I just added her to my blogroll, but I sure hope you go check her out! You can click here to go right to her brand new blog!

second…as a small aside…I know sfp fancies herself the queen of klutz, but I just stole her crown! The other day, I  took a tumble in the house, landing very badly on my bum ankle, and fractured it.

I have a walking boot and can walk on it while I wear it. The nerves are kind of dead there from prior breaks and sprains so there is little pain. It’s swollen and is ugly as can be…a balloon caricature of a foot! I can still go to work, but I may spend more time sitting as I’ve had to let go of several things that I had planned on doing.

You know what sitting means…more  time for writing. 🙂

See? always a silver lining.  NO idea how this will impact Master and nilla play time–we’ll see. He’s out of town this weekend but has been very kind to me via text.

okay, one more happy thing before you go. I’ve submitted a story for potential publication. 🙂 X your fingers for me, willya? TYVM. Now, shoo. (I typo’d “shoe”…lol…Freudian slip, huh?!) go on and read Rose’s blog. You’ll like it. Really. 🙂

31 thoughts on “Update

  1. Take care of the foot nilla, although it may have been the Universe telling you that you need more writing time. Hope the foot up quick.
    I have my fingers and my toes crossed for your submitted story…best of luck!

    1. Thanks for both thoughts Southern Sir! It’s been a rocky few days, but submitting the story took my mind into a totally new place. 🙂


      1. Yeah, and this looks seriously awesome/scary/gross/exciting/erotic doesn’t it?

        Can’t wait for the next chapter!


  2. Nilla, it sucks when it’s NOT good pain…sorry. So Sorry! But, Southern Sir may be on to something. Maybe the universe was telling you to take it easy…one day was NOT enough. I’m thrilled with the bonus side effect of more writing and I am sooooooo crossing fingers and toes and braiding my hair and crossing my legs…for your submittal. Be undaunted friend, you write wonderfully!


    1. wow…well, you’ll have to promise to UNcross your legs…no fun in that either!

      But all else is fine!

      Foot looks like a balloon, still, but I’ve been on it a lot today (and not putting it up, at all, my bad)…hard to remember coz there isn’t that much pain with it. Will do better tomorrow (she crosses her fingers behind her back, konwing she’s working a 5 hour shift tomorrow as well.)


      1. Um, nilla, do you need to ask your Master for some help with putting up your foot. I’m sure he can make it happen. TAKE CARE OF YOU!

  3. Wow Nilla, so much going on. Do keep me/us posted on the submitted story. That is a huge step and I am excited for you and definitely sending luck your way.
    I hope your ankle heals well and soon. Maybe the universe is telling you to rest( and write?)
    Thank you for introducing my blog! It is much appreciated.
    Rose (previously known as April)

    1. Thanks April/Rose!

      The Universe is definitely sending me messages – and too bad it took a Clue X 4 to my ankle to get me to listen. That’s what happens when I don’t follow my intuition. *sighs*

      Still, it will be a quieter summer than I’d planned and that’s all to the good, really.

      and much more time to write for the next four weeks! I like the idea of that!


      1. Nilla, I just realized I have been going back and forth between April and Rose when signing my name. I think I am officially going with Rose.
        Now if I can just remember that every time I comment….
        Since when is 50 considered older? I thought older was, you know, 80, 90.


      2. Hi Rose. 🙂 You could be April Rose you know. . . a rare and beautiful thing.

        50 is old if you’re in your 20’s I guess. I wasn’t too offended…i think its rather amusing (and okay it’s kinda patronizing, but really, later that night someone was *shocked* to discover that I’m 54…she thought I was 42…so it’s all a matter of perspective!)


  4. OUCH…even tho there is no pain. Published!..how could they resist your stories. sharing some of my good whammies with you.
    hugs abby

    1. Thanks abby…I’m hoping they’ll be interested! And thanks for the sympathy. It sucks to be a hobbity-hobble. I sound like a peg-legged pirate when I walk –quiet step, THUNK, quiet step THUNK…

      no sneaking up on anyone just now. 🙂


    1. LOL…and I don’t dance, either. 🙂

      Gods, that would be too fucking funny if my middle name were Grace, wouldn’t it? *hysterical cackling*


      1. You know, when our daughter does a prat fall, we call it “doing a ******”. So, perhaps we could call your less graceful moments “Doing a NIlla?”

  5. Sorry about the ankle! Yeouch! Hope it heals fast, so you don’t end up tied to a bed by said foot while your Master beats/fucks/tickles the hell out of the rest of you!

    Good luck on the publishing! I’m still working on a few that need to head that way. Thanks for the new link as well.

    1. He’s already talking about tickling my toesies all swollen (and turning purple)…that’s just so rotten mean!!

      Thanks and good luck yourself!


  6. Hope your ankle heals fast! Goodluck with the submitted story.I liked roses blog. Would you mind giving mine a review? Sinisterali.xlogs.org. Thnak you.

    1. thanks so much faithful! eventually the foot will heal. The nurse was kinda funny “Oh, we don’t put plaster casts on older people these days. She was maybe 25…gee dear, I’m positively ancient! LOL!


    1. Thanks mouse. It’s mostly a terrible nuisance! It makes me tired-er which I loathe…but at least I can still get around, drive, and work. And…offtimes, I’ll be writing!


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