Under the Sheets

for andi, whose “random” picture here inspired this bit of fantasy…~nilla~

He took her by her hair, tugging her face to the bed, exposing her pale bottom…

mmmmm, she moaned, her clit throbbing with a little lurch as she imagined the scene, hair pulling and bottom baring was so thrilling!

….to his gaze, and as she soon discovered, to his hand. The slaps he gave her weren’t all that uncomfortable-but the humiliation of him doing it in the first place, and the slight sting on her ass had her wiggling.

She’d wiggle if her ass was getting hit. She’d done it before. And while she loved the idea, and the actuality of being spanked…she could never keep still on her own. The story she read was so hot, so intense. Her other hand was busy with the vibe she kept on low, pressed against her clit. She wanted to prolong the pleasure, wanted to spin out the fantasy, then close her eyes and let it cum. Her lips curved, bow-shaped, at her double entendre.

Of a sudden, the slaps grew harder, as if the prior blows had only been a warm up. A steady, hard whallop had her squirming in earnest now and her little whimpers became mewlings of pain.

gods…something about that word… “mewlings” ….set her to mind of the animatistic sounds she gave off when being spanked. Whimpers, growls, moans-so unlike her happy-day-to-day self. When she played, she let that part of her-the civilized business woman- fade away, and let the raw and needy whore loose. She needed so hard sometimes that she scared herself. What if she never found the one who answered that need with his own greedy wants and desires?

But for now there were these stories on the internet…her attention drifted back to her monitor as her fingers pushed aside her lower lips, and played the vibe up and down her wetness.

….fingers slid deep and his voice was  a husky, sexual growl when he spoke. “you’re wet. soaked. you filthy little whore. MY filthy whore likes her bottom spanked.”

She moaned, her pussy starting to drool, the hummmmm vibrations making her hips press harder, seeking more. She reread that hot passage–the part where he called her a filthy whore was her secret pleasure.

The IM on her open internet chimed. Eyes half-closed in pleasure, she almost ignored it, but with a growl she clicked from her story to her yahoo.

hey babe, whatcha up 2? was sitting here stroking Mr. Big when I thought of you. wonder if your fingers are buried in your cunt, wet and sticky and needing to be filled with something big, hot, and hard?

It was G, her sometime fuckbuddy. He had such big hands, and an equally big cock.  He was good in bed, varying between rough and forceful, and tender. He wasn’t as much into the D/s scene as she wished he was–but just now he added shape and texture to the story she was reading. Quickly she composed a response:  “G, i am stroking ms puss. she’s wet and sticky as you thought, but you’re not here, so I’m makin do with Black Beauty. He’s purring along my valley….”

It never failed to arouse, sexting. She clicked off IM and returned to the story.

A heavy dull thudding on her bottom made her jolt with shock. The flogger? He’d not flogged her in forever, and his fingers teased at her pussy but only at the outer edges. She pushed back, entreating him to enter her. He responded by flogging her harder.


babe,  you know Mr. Big would love to be sliding between your pussy lips, parting them like moses did the  red sea…i’d spread your pink pussy wide, getting all lubed up with your pussy juices . The head of my cock is dripping with precum, and would press deeper between your rosy lips, finding your fuckhole and spearing slowly (o so slo) into it.

She shivered, reading the flogging and G’s IM. She was on fire now, her sheets pushed down by her feet, her thighs spread, head canted back on the pillow so she could read the computer screen. Her cunt was begging to be fucked yet still she held off. There was need, there was desire…and she wanted it to last.

She couldn’t take much more. Shivers raced through her, her thighs wet with her urgent lust.

Gawd she could relate to that! Her sheet below her was wet; she felt the hot sticky goo against her ass as it ran down her sex groove.

“When I fuck you, I will be merciless. You will cum for me..and cum for me…and cum for me. You’ll want to escape the relentlessness of orgasm overload–but you’ll be held here, held tight, until I’m done draining you.

And then I’ll fill your grasping, gasping, greedy pussy with thick ribbons of my jizm, fill you until you’re overflowing with my cum. And when I’m done, you’ll reach down between your soiled, sticky thighs with your greedy fingers, and scoop up our sex sauce, and lick it off.

Dear gawd…

*chime*I want to fuck you, a. I want to grab a fistful of your thick hair, making your back arch and your tits jut. You’ll be on your knees, and I’ll take you hard from behind, like a mare taken by a stallion, like a bitch in heat. Your legs spread wide, your ass up, and your dripping pussy right there for me to look at. And when I’m done looking, touching, opening? My cock will ram deep into your snatch, and your arched back will bow further, take me deeper, invite my invasion. Your mouth will open, your voice will howl, your nipples will be hard jutting pebbles. 

Shaking, she exploded, just from the words. Her vibe lay buzzzzing on the bed, against her thigh as her fingers rubbed madly at her clit. She bucked and whined as the orgasm saturated her sheet, falling back onto her pillows, trembling.




Her phone beeped. It took a minute to realize that her doorbell and her phone were both alerting her.

answer your door a.