HNT-Full Busted and Lopsided Too!

Bearing in mind all the lovely comments both here on the blog and sent to me privately (and thank you for sharing your stories with me, all of you who did)…it seems that we ALL struggle with our body images.

I have to give some credit for my growth to a fellow blogger named Dee. She is curvaceous, Rubenesque, glowingly happy, beautiful, charming, and damned fucking incredible! Her blog is here at Curvaceous and I recommend scrolling through…she writes really great sexy tales, and has a huge collection of pix of her outside in normal places, showing her beautiful bosom. (this series is my favorite.)

She makes NO apologies for being a large woman, embraces her sexuality as a switch, and generally? She’s enjoying every day of her life.

I so envied that. She taught me by example that self-acceptance is priceless. Then Master came along and sealed the deal.  And while I’m not always happy with myself, I’m working towards being more self-accepting. I cut everyone else a break–why not me?

Yes, my tits are uneven, one is bigger than the other. (guess what? that’s a true statistic for a TON of women…not just me!)

Without further ado? I share with you the lopsided nilla girls!

fullI like this pic coz it shows you i’m a round girl (and okay, it’s from the front and not low enough to show you my lopsided lower belly, courtesy of other surgery).

Here’s another pic in better light of the girls – and you can clearly see that i’m not “equal”…but who gives a fuck, right? I can honestly say, in 3 years of doing HNT? No one has ever “complained” to me about my being “off”. They may have “gotten off”…but I think that’s different, right? *naughty giggles*