When One Doesn’t Know Exactly What to Caption a Blogpost About a Whole Bunch of Stuff

*laughs to self*

Sometimes I greatly amuse myself when I make up stupid titles for a blogpost. Because I know what I want to write about, but somehow it is important for me to “label” it via the title. Once that title is in the header box, it is like a knob opening a door, letting my fingers release all the stuff I want to say.

Weird, I know. 🙂

The hard part now is where to begin. I have much to say! Not anything of deepest depth, but just a bunch of things I want to natter on about. You know how it is when friends sit down for tea and chatting. 🙂

I owe several of you return emails; I solemnly promise it IS on my to do list, but this week is pretty busy in my vanilla life. I’ve been flat-out busy with work this weekend. My teen had a special date with his g/f and I was the “return” driver– I had to stay up until after 11 to fetch him home. I finally tumbled into bed just after midnight, but had to be up before 5 a.m. to head back to work.

But I need to back up a bit.

Between the ending of work and the picking up of the teen was an open window of time. And in that window I managed to see Master!

I swear I’m like an addict when it comes to Him. I never get enough. In fairness it has been a few weeks…and I’ve not had any sexy pain from Him in a long, long while. And I’m being a good girl and not mewling about that.

So…I got my reward.

armThat’s my left arm, the backside/underside. All done subtly, in Starbucks. He pinched as he tickled me, making me laugh, then gasp then laugh some more. And the girls working there were smiling at our antics–the place was deserted–between the giggles and my kissing Him, and rubbing His beardy face…it was very obvious that two people who love one another were having a fine time together.

But all good things must end, and we parted ways, me to run home for a fast shower before fetching the lad, and He to his various obligations.

I keep touching the bruises, having watched them transform from light bruises to the deep ones you just looked at over the course of the last 48 hours.

They are like a heady dose of some magickal drug. Looking at them, touching them (OUCH!)…it all feeds some deep part of me that craves this sort of thing. And I’m ever so grateful that He knew what I needed.

I know in some way it fed Him, too. His texts today were just …I’m not sure I can describe them but they were hungrier, I guess. More…not more Dominant…He’s always dominant. But there was a sense that He was deeply pleased about marking me, and wanted more. And He teased me throughout the day, knowing how craven these episodes makes me.



I desire at such a deeper intensity, after His hands have touched my body, in any way, even the innocuous way He did at the coffee shop.

It’s the same way, I think, when we sluts don’t get orgasms for a while–we sort of “shut off” our sexuality, and it goes into hibernation mode, until something stirs it to wakefulness.  My need for Him is still present, but no one can sustain that level of need endlessly (else be driven mad for the wanting of that which is unattainable).

Or as I like to say…pulling up my big girl panties and dealing with the “what is”, is the only way to get through this sort of sexual drought.


I have a trazillion comments to reply to. I’m sorry I’m so behind, but I did warn you all that these next few weeks would be crazy–frankly, just making time to write blog posts is all I’m up for. When I got home Sunday late afternoon, I hung with the kids and the wife for a bit, then went upstairs for a nap.

For three hours.

Totally dead to the world, comatose.

Yeah, I’ve been overdoing the work, and overdoing the time on my ankle. I’m paying for some of that now, a bit achy, and still tired. I’m healing mostly pretty well, though. I’m *yearning* to go back to my walking routine that I’d just started again. The yards and gardens are gorgeous, the air is cool and sweet…*sigh*…sadly, this is not to be. Not tomorrow, for sure. But I’m still working out a way of getting into the garden without a) getting stuck on my hands and knees (cut that out, you perv! I know exactly where your brain was headed! LOL!) or b) getting dirt and stuff in my danged boot! (it’s open toed) Yeah, I could put a bag over it. I will likely wind up doing that.

Now if only I could squeeze some time out of my week to actually get out there and do it!


Again, I’ll work on responding to all of you personally, but I wanted to say thank you for the comments and responses on my blogpost about the nightmare in Cleveland…it totally blew my mind, freaked me out. I’ve been, and remain, very comfortable with my version of kink…and this just felt like kink, skewed so horribly badly. Your comments echoed my sentiments, that we can not hold ourselves and our choices hostage because we’re worried that some fucking nut job is going to usurp our pervy-ness and use it as a way to justify their illegal actions.

I’m grateful for the responses, and the affirmations. We ARE kinky, and that is okay.


Well, there were several other things I wanted to chat about, but it’s past my bedtime and I’m trying to be really good about being in bed around 10 p.m. while I’m healing. (being a grown up is hard work, isn’t it?!)

Happy Tuesday! (O-day for nilla! Woot Woot! Bruises and orgasms are a lovely combination!)



18 thoughts on “When One Doesn’t Know Exactly What to Caption a Blogpost About a Whole Bunch of Stuff

  1. Your bruises as always leave me gasping! Daymn Woman! I am so glad I do not bruise! Happy though that you got some Sir time. 🙂
    Your comment about lack of orgasms and shutting down… I understand that feeling. Not enough touch or sex and the muse just shuts up. Life has been crazy on this end of the world as well, so I’m looking forward to date night. 🙂

  2. My masters and mistress aren’t into bruising or disfiguration and idk that I would be either. Its cool if you like it. Glad you got some master time in. What gets me going is spanking and if were out in public when I least expect it, he swats me. Lol. Its such a turn on.

    1. I’ve thought about this comment for a few days ali, and I think you didn’t intend it to be a “diss”…but it does read that way.

      If you’ve read back through my blog at all, you’ll see that I’m a pain slut. I am a masochist. And i not only *like* when He marks me…I CRAVE it.

      As does He.


      1. Yes it was never meant to be a dis. I’m sorry it came off that way. Everyone is into something different. I was mearly making conversation.

  3. I am like you…..need to have a title before I can get a post written, even if the post is all set in my head. Glad you finally got some Master time!
    hugs abby

    1. It’s funny. I’ve written a LOT of posts, and I think only twice have I written until the title came to me. 🙂

      its a weird little thing, but it’s there.


  4. Hope you slept well and that you’re able to take it easy and take good care of yourself this week. And i’m so glad you got some “Master-time” – and that you’ve processed your feelings about the Cleveland captives! Mostly though, i’m glad you’re around.



    1. Thanks sofia….

      I’ve been sleeping like a damn rock lately! and I’m glad to be here still, too.



  5. YEA for nilla O day with bruises. SOOO glad you get something wonderful after surviving your business! Any BTW, I understand the pulling of too many obligations and not enough time. So, you need never reply to my comments…one less obligation 🙂


    1. ah, fiona,

      responding to comments is both an obligation and a joy for me…so never feel that I feel ONLY obligation. It’s my way to connect with “my” peeps…


      1. 🙂

        I think mousemouse was cute…but I grok that it is one of those things that ipads do to irk owners. *grinning*

        Thanks for the comment, mouse, and I’m *trying* to rest the ankle. Really.

        (btw, i ALWAYS type “ankle” as “ankly” every damn time and I don’t have an ipad OR autocorrect!) if that makes you feel better!


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