Farm Plan (6)

She knocked hesitantly on the back door of the house. She could hear voices inside, well, the rumbly pitch of a male voice, but not the words. They didn’t end with her timid knocking. Face pushed up against the screen, Iris projected her voice.


Now the voices paused. She called again.


“Yup, comin’…”

And there he was, the guy who sent shivers right through her. Her cunt contracted, her nipples tightened under her tee-shirt, and she swallowed quickly to clear her mouth of the sudden pool of saliva. Geezuz, she was practically drooling over this guy. She strove to keep her voice level, to be calm and collected.

“Um, we have our site all set up, but don’t know what we should be doing to help you out.”

Tim motioned her inside. She was nervous, he could read it in her body language. Too bad that body was covered by an over-large tee shirt and those stupid ‘not-long-but-not-shorts’ she was wearing.


“Sit. Hold onto that thought a minute. Coffee?”

Tim had never offered another camper coffee before today,Bill noted, as he entered the room.

“Hey there girl. It’s …some kind of flower…”

“Iris,” she interjected quickly.

“Right. You and Emma all settled now?” At her nod, Bill continued, as Tim poured coffee for the woman.  “So, you two come up here with no Masters? You’re not Emma’s mistress or visa versa?”

Funny how he remembered the other woman’s name.

“No, Sir, not at all. We’re single, unattached, and not sure what we’ll find here, but we’re kind of at loose ends just now. I’m from Louisiana, and Emma is from Atlanta. We’ve always talked of doing a road trip and doing something wild like this. We met at an online chat group for submissives, and have both played and stuff with others, but sometimes it is just hard to find the right match, you know?”

Tim passed the jug of milk to her, watched her pour it into the sturdy mug, watched it swirl around.

“I don’t know if we’ll find anyone to play with here, but it was worth the chance. Home was too…”

She frowned into her coffee, not noticing that Tim moved around to stand behind her, laying a hand on her shoulder and squeezing gently.

“Everyone comes from somewhere…and often discovers new things when the wind blows them someplace else.”

She looked up at him. He was older than her, to be sure, but she’d always had a thing for older men. His eyes twinkled with a wicked sparkle, and she could feel the strength in his hand.

“Now, it’s time for you to finish up that coffee and let me put your fine ass to work.”

He enjoyed watching the blush spread over her face.

“You know, I wouldn’t be minding helping you get …acclimated…to kink camp.”

He let the thought hang there for a moment. She was interested, he thought,  or she would have sought out the WorkMaster, as had been explained by the check in crew, and in her hand out when they came into camp. He watched as she bit the edge of her lip. Nervous, he judged, but definitely interested.


As simply as that, he had a sub.


He walked with her down to the edge of the pond. It had been a warm summer so far, but the spring-fed pond was usually pretty chilly year round.

“You’re overdressed.”

She could not pretend to not understand. She’d seen a woman with one hand cuffed to the other, and, of all things, painting a fence post that way. It looked laborious  and she had been sweaty.  Her Master held a water bottle, periodically squirting some of the liquid into her mouth, if she could catch the stream before he stopped.

She had been totally naked except for a battered pair of sneakers.

Tim cocked his head, waggled a finger at her. She knew what he wanted her to do. And others were doing it. But dammit! She was really …. Rubenesque.   She didn’t want to be naked. Outside. Except…why else had she signed up for this?

Tim watched her face. She’d have been surprised to know that he read every thought as it ran through her mind. She was body shy. She was nervous. She didn’t want to obey. She did want to obey. He was pleased when she finally tugged the tee-shirt off. His cock lurched as her pale upper body was exposed. He wanted to touch…but in good time. He motioned that her pants were to go as well. She bit her lip, he raised his eyebrow, and frowned. Her eyes dropped even as her hands rose to tug the capri’s down.

“There now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“It sure as hell was!”

“Aww, poor baby. Come give your new Sir a kiss.”

He tapped his cheek, but when she moved to kiss there, he turned his head while snaking his hand through her tousled dark tresses. In less than a heartbeat, his lips merged with hers, his tangled fingers holding her mouth steady. Her moan filled his mouth, even as his free hand filled with her breast.

He took a step back, holding onto his control with an iron fist.

He handed her the odd rake that he’d brought and left on the sandy beach.

“This here is a weed rake. You use it to pull up the “seaweed” that is growing in the shallows. It grows fast this time of year, and is easy to get out. Makes a nice wading area once it’s all mucked out.”

She turned and headed for the water, while he admired her large, round bottom. He could hardly wait to get his hands on that ass.  She squealed as her feet hit the water, and danced backward.

“OHMYGAWD!” He grinned as she yelped. Louisiana girl was getting a quick lesson on Maine. “That’s so fucking cold!”

“I know! It’s fucking awful isn’t it? Best get on with it. You’ll get used to it…eventually. And I’ll help warm you up…later.”

His wide grin left no doubt as to how he’d do that.

She tried not to grimace as she stepped slowly back into the water.

“You’re a real bastard, you know.”

“Don’t I know it.”

His chuckle left no doubt that he was well pleased by her comment..and her suffering. Stretching out her arms, she began to rake the muck out of the pond.