50 Shades of nilla…

okay, it’s not really shades of nilla. I couldn’t resist after our conversations regarding “that’ book!  I’m mostly kind of excited…50 more posts and I’ll have reached 1,500 blog entries. Wow…that seems like a HUGE number to me.  Thems a lot of words! (I hear you grammarians wincing.     :0  can you see me giggling?!)

It sometimes seems like I *just* began this journey, but I’m really an “old hand” now,  heading into year 4 by summer’s end.

Remember yesterday I thought I might wake up with all kinds of energy for writing? Yeah, I did! Unfortunately, I didn’t have more than 10 minutes of “free time” as the rest of the day was spent getting ready for our weekend.  So there went any free porno writing–which means you’re just stuck with some more nilla ramblings… 🙂

I found out Friday night that Master and I won’t manage a hook up this weekend, as my window for seeing Him is very small, and it turns out He has a series of obligations today as well. *insert pouty face here*

Who knows what the holiday weekend (next weekend, Memorial Day here in the states)  holds for us. I’m trying to get some gardening done, I did some planting Friday mid-day but kind of overdid it and my ankle protested by night. Fucking thing. HEAL already willya? 🙂

But I feel like I’m making some headway on my yard, and that helps.  I went to a garden center too, as it’s that time of year to get flowers on gravestones at the cemetery for Memorial Day. Gods, do NOT let nilla near a garden center. It was…well, I had fun. 🙂 I didn’t go too overboard but man it was hard. Only came home with 3 plants I hadn’t planned on getting. I have a thing for hosta. Do you know hosta?

hostaHere are 4 varieties that I have in my yard (or ones very similar). I am especially fond of the gold-edged and the “blue” variety. I would love to have my front yard look like this:

hostagardenIt is very shady, and hosta does like shade. So my mission this year is to add a few new varieties, and to separate some of my other hosta’s and brush up the front yard. That’ll be easier to do once the frigging boot comes off. I think. But I have other things there as well, bleeding hearts, and English hyacinths, and a few other spring bloomers. Not so much summer stuff. (ergo, the hosta, which looks great year round, and dies back to the ground after a few frosts).

I’m sorry, am I boring you? This is a sex blog I know. But since I’m not having sex with Master for a while, you know, I need to diversify my interests.



I didn’t buy that either.


Worry not friends, I’ll be back sometime Monday, with pervy old men and museum curators and all sorts of ideas… until then? Be naughty, and enjoy the hosta.