Busy weekend done? Check

Busy Monday ahead? Check

Time to write? *er…no*

sorry perv’s. This weekend was AWESOME. Work was good on Saturday, and I had a blast with family time on Sunday. Got a bit of gardening in before the rain rolled in, which was also nice. It is going to rain all fucking week.

Of *course* it is, because I just committed to working outside for 15 minutes each morning. It’s not tons of time but it sure is better than NO time, right? And 15 is the start. Gardening is like crack for us outside junkies. :O  You start with a little bit, then suddenly the garden gnomes get you, tie you up and make you work slavishly for two, three, more hours…and when you try to stand up you realize that you’ve been be-spelled and whoa…how’d it get to be lunch time already?


Really, it’s like that.

But this week, rain. So not slavish obesience to the gnomes, the yard fae or any of that. I’ll be housebound.

I do like being bound…but when it’s the house? Not so much always. Though there is a bit of peace and calming to making the nest tidy.

What else?

Master and nilla? No meet this past weekend. Sad face. Not pouting–just didn’t work out and we didn’t think it would. Then this upcoming weekend, who knows. Holiday forthcoming, and a busy weekend on tap once again. And then we’ll be rolling into June and who knows. I am SO hoping that we will get our playtime–truthfully? I’m feeling a bit desperate for Him. I still have my pinchy bruises but they are fading…and gosh, hell, damn and fuck…it’s not a BAD thing to be wanting Him.


I have no more ramble in my head. It’s late and I’m tired and need to be abed.  We’ll catch up again soon, okay?


6 thoughts on “*yawn*

  1. I played in the garden for a bit. Not as much as I wanted to though. Wolf had to kill the computer monster that killed our network connection, so I had no help. sigh… I’ve heard if you leave gumdrops out for the gnomes that they get their little jaws stuck together and can’t talk you into staying out longer. 🙂

  2. Huh. I had never thought about gardening that way before. Crack for outside junkies.
    Good metaphor.
    I have all sorts of stuff just pushing through the ground. I can’t wait to get out there and work on it some more this week.

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