An O in the Bank

Hey peeps…(waves weakly from my bed)…

It’s been a rough 4 days or so, with my uncontrollable gut running roughshod over my body. I’m starting to get hunger twinges, and holding my drinks down, so I think I’m mending at last. I’m done, too, pouting about my lost long weekend. I can’t change it so I have to roll with it (this is Master’s philosophy, He’s very Zen though HE doesn’t see it. 🙂  He’s not into organized religion.)

Today I got to spend the day in the guest room on the first floor to keep an eye out on my kiddo’s, a change of scenery that was nice. A bit more up and down time, too. Now it’s Like Day evening (Tuesday) and I’m back in my room and ready for bed. Of course I need to talk to my Master, and we chat about this and that. He asks after my healing, admonishes me to take care of myself (I am, I really am), and before the conversation moves on, I jump in.

“Master….I’m clearly in no shape to have an O despite it being my O Day…do you think you would allow me to bank this one?”

His standard policy is “use it or lose it…” so I’m going out on a limb here.

There is a soft silence on the other end of the phone, and a brief “hmmm”.

“You’re right nilla, you’re NOT in any shape for an orgasm yet. Okay. I’ll allow that O deposit into the bank. Sure. There may come an opportunity for it in the future and it isn’t fair for you to lose it due to being this ill.”

There is a pause, and I jump into it headfirst.

“Thank you Master! Oh, thank you so much!”

“Of course,” He continues as if I hadn’t spoken, His voice soft and musing, “I hold the key to the bank.”

That draws me up short.

“And I’m less possible to get around than Wells Fargo. Yes, nilla, I’ll hold your O in my bank. We’ll work out the terms for withdrawal when the situation applies.”

There’s a smile in His voice, I hear it through the phone. My mouth opens, closes, no words come out. He laughs, soft and so sexily.

Just like that, He’s got me again.