OMG I Forgot the HNT!

Blame it on the thunderous booms and zagging lightning. *nods sagely* That was some series of storms and they made me nervous…but thankfully I had Master to text with during the heart of it. We zinged witty messages back and forth at the speed of those bolts lighting the sky, making me giggle…until.

He sent me to bed. It was very bossy Dominant the way he ordered me to go to sleep. I liked it. 🙂 But as I was trying to close my eyes and ignore the newest rumblings in the distance, it occurred to me that I’d missed a few days this week and holy shit! Tomorrow…was HNT.


I’m *ordered* to put a tit picture on the blog every week which I comply with readily…it feeds my kink too, after all. And here I was for the first time in 2 years forgetting it?

I text Him urgently (I swear I could almost see Him roll His eyes as He got the chime from my incoming message.) about the matter. I’d sent Him two pix last week that I really like–but they show “too much face”.

“You know the rules. No face.” Sigh. I do know the rules.

“But Master it’s only my lips and part of my nose and my chin.”

“They’re on your face, right?”

At this point I give up because obviously I’m NOT going to win this one. 🙂 So instead I get a wicked naughty inspiration. I turn on my light and take this:cheeky

And I send it to Him saying “Look Master, NO nose, NO chin…but You can see my cheeks…”

(I also sent Him a frontal one with my hand between my thighs to which He did respond… “SLUT!”…!)

He didn’t deign to answer the first one. *grins like the naughty slut I am* That’s me, cheeky slut nilla. 🙂

Okay, so here’s the “real” HNT shot of Master’s tits. See, I’m always a good girl…in the end {refer to pic #1 for giggles}!


The Storm is a Wicked Pissah….

So for real, I can’t be on the ‘puter long tonight, it’s brewing up SUPER stormy just now, and I need to go hide under my covers. This storm looks like a wicked pissah (as we say here in New England). There could be hail, and there is already WICKED lightning and thunder, tho the storm is still 20 miles or more away. It’s lighting up the sky.


I do like Thunderstorms as a general rule, they are pure elemental force. But some nights, when I’m alone in my room, I’m more nervous about them.

This fast update is by way of saying that I’m feeling SO much better. I’ve eaten small portions of soup and a wee bit of white bread today and it all stayed where it’s meant to…which is both a blessing and an energy boost to my poor nutrient starved body.  I went to work tonight and I’m back on my game. It’ll take me a frigging WEEK to “teach” my body how to eat again. And I’m kind of hoping that by starting from scratch, I’ll eliminate…oh, bad choice of words there…I’ll turn around some bad habits and get back to eating better.

I’m planning to do some blog work tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has left comments here for the last week with very little response from me…it cheered me up as I lay in bed moping. 🙂 You’ve all helped me get up and get going again. (And gosh I hope that once I am eating more, I’ll get my “sexy” back. I’m kind of missing it, yanno?)

Gotta fly before those zinging electrons get me!