Nattering on…

Wow, is life pulling you guys the way it is me? It’s CRAZY. Here I thought I’d have tons of time to write to you all who’ve left a week’s plus worth of comments and it turns out that, in my fevered state, when rescheduling an appointment for my kiddo…I bumped it to Thursday THIS week, not next. Whoops. Good thing they called to remind me!! And that shot more than half of Thursday for me.

Added to that I’ve got contractors at my home, and a big gardening project (finally) started, and it was so fucking hot today that I thought I’d fallen into Hell, which is amusing considering I don’t even believe in Hell!

Now, ordinarily, I can take a wee bit of heat. Okay, that is a bald-faced lie. I HATE it when it gets hot, especially when you add humidity to it. I’m a round gal, and I’m well insulated. 🙂  But in the northeast, heating up is usually a gradual thing. Take for instance, Sunday last. It was cold here. Never got out of the 40’s. Admittedly I had a fever so I was bundled up, but EVERYONE broke out their fleeces or flannels. It was raw and chilly and wet and blecch. And in parts of Vermont (about an hour from me) and northern New Hampshire? They got anywhere from 3-7.5 inches of snow. *blinks* Enough so that it shut down Santa’s Village.

I know, irony.

But the problem is all the trees are leafed out, and the wind was howling so hard that many limbs came down on rides, which of course made it unsafe for kids to be there (and for rides to even function–not many takers on a log-flume ride with a ginormous *splash* at the end when it’s 38 degrees outside!). And that, along with 4 inches of snow on the ground. Not ideal, to be sure. At least, not for Memorial Day weekend!

So we go from having heat on, bundled up and shivering, to dressing as close to nekkid as we can, drinking sports drinks and ice water, tepid showers and fans everywhere (no a/c in my old house…we rarely need it!) It’s part of the allure of living here. Really.

Geeze, get me talking about the weather and I go all off topic. What was I talking about?

Oh, just “time”. It’s running past at such an alarming rate. Good things are happening, to be sure. And summer is busy and fun and even though there are LOTS of obligations…most of them are the fun kind. And this weekend will be the start of June.  My gawd. That means that NEXT Sunday…the week after THIS Sunday, is Master-time.


How the fuck did that happen so fast? Wasn’t I *just* whining saying that it was going to be forever until we had play time? And it’s NEXT WEEK???

Oops, and I just sent Him a text that said “I’m half-mad at You.”

Maybe my timing is a bit off, at that.

But He’s been busy (I hope) and not answering my texts. Including the one I sent announcing my “mad”….and He’ll just let it slide in that way He does, which both annoys and astonishes me. He knows me SO fucking well that He knows I’ll boil down by morning. And I’m not SUPER mad, I just wanted…

and isn’t that the crux right there?


just wanted.

And really, it’s NOT all about ME.

Shocking I know.

I’d like to imagine it is. Maybe pretend. But just to be clear? In our version of D/s…He wins most of the time, and He gives me what I want.

And more importantly? He gives me exactly what I *need*…which isn’t always the same as what I *think* I want.

He knows when to ignore me, and when to poke me and when to soothe. He’s been very, very good to me this week while I was sick.  *hangs head*


Maybe it’s time for me to pay that back a bit.

*pauses to text an apology to Master*

And just like that it will be over and done between us over my little snit. He’s not the type of Master who will hold it over my head, or make me pay the next time we meet. He might *tweek* me about it later. But the quick apology is a step in the right direction. 🙂


Speaking of stepping, tomorrow/today when you read this/ I find out if my broken ankle is healed and if I can officially take off my ‘damned boot’…that thing makes me sound like a storm trooper when I walk in it (I don’t actually mind that, btw! Sometimes I even make the Darth Vader Breath sound. 🙂 ) But if I forget to wear a sneaker on the other foot? And kick the good ankle with it in that klutzy way I have?

Bruises and an ache that lasts for hours! Ha me, there I go attempting to fracture the *good* ankle with the boot meant to heal the *bad* one. *laughs* Yeah, I’m that good of a klutz.

Okay, Master has sent me to bed and away I go. Be well, pervies, and I promise that there will be some *real* juicy stuff back up here soon.


16 thoughts on “Nattering on…

    • oh gosh I hope not! I was just in a brief pissy mood. 🙂 It’s hot and I don’t do hot so well. And the LAST thing Master needs is any priming. Pushing? oh yeah. I’ll do that. maybe. It’s been 3 months. I’m all new and tender. 🙂


  1. Mother Nature is being menopausal in your neck of the woods too eh? One of the big mountain passes here got snow. BRRRRrr!

    Hope your ankle heals, the world mellows out and that you have great M/s time! 🙂 Wolf and I are waiting for life to mellow out too. Just too damn crazy.

    • it’s been weird weather here for certain. Ugh heat. ugh ugh. Next week might be better. After Wednesday. Or is it Thursday. Okay, the week after that will be…



    • nods. I hear that. My neighbor just started helping me out, which is nice. Gives me more time to dig plants. 🙂


      ps it’s 20 till 11 p.m. and still 82. egads. (two more days)

    • MUCH cooler.

      Thanks nancy! NO MORE BOOT! woot! (and no pt…the best exercise, he said, was walking. yeah, I can do that!)


  2. It is crazy these days, isn’t it? i don’t know why i’m so strung out and feel like i don’t have enough time. Sigh…

    Hope the doctor sets you free and that your and your Master have a play date that outshines them all.



    • coz you’re busy and don’t have much free time…and the busy is part work fun and part homelife fun but it is still hard for us introverts to have so many “programmed” moments.
      A wise friend of mine told me that once.


  3. This freakin weather! Wednesday we had Tornado warnings and flash flood warnings and lots of rain. Yesterday it rained more. Today? My area is under a Fire Weather Watch, meaning conditions are ripe for fires to start and take off. We still have puddles of standing water everywhere. It’s weird.
    Heres hoping your boot comes off today.

    • omg…a fire warning with standing water puddles….that’s a new one on me –hope you remain safe and that no fires start.

      BOOT IS OFFFFFF! YIPPEE! I’d dance but I don’t want to have to put the boot back on. 🙂

  4. Happy you are on the mend. FX for a great docs visit!! Also, I had the same thought as Gardener… Teehee.

    Also? The heat?! GROSS. Not loving it here either.

    • I’m sure hating the heat too angel. It’s just terrible isn’t it? We’re not ready for it. Though I’ve been working in the gardens and that helped a bit. Not sure why. Took my mind off it? Made the house feel cooler by comparison? And the boot is GONE! WooHoo! And no. Nilla doesn’t tweak Master quite that way before a meet. That would be more a mean tweak than a funny one. Coz, I was a little pissy. (I know, who woulda thunk it…nilla? pissy? 🙂 )

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