move your hands


it is easy enough to accomplish

easy for you….

exactly, now move your hands

i don’t think i can stand to do this…

yet you haven’t uttered your safeword



*whimper* please…sir…don’t…makemedothis…

you are here to please me, yes?



i…yes. i am here to please you but…


but I thought it would be sucking your cock. i thought you’d touch my breasts–

tits. and so I shall. all in my time. move your hands.

*whispers* i’m so ugly.

who told you that—for it is a certainty that those words have never come from my mouth.

others….teased me about it. or made a face when they saw it. they like my big tits but when they see it…

has anything about you displeased me? at least until this moment?

no, no sir. you’ve never said…but we’ve never…i mean…this is not coffee at perk n pour. 

move your hands slut.




well, that wasn’t hard. in a moment I’ll tie them behind your back and you won’t have to worry about your shy hands anymore. In a moment, the control passes all the way from you, to Me. In a moment, you will see that a thing as simple as a scar matters little to me. You are a vessel I mean to dive into. I will explore every nook and cranny. This is just a flesh mark, a consequence of living.

no one has ever said that to me before. a consequence of living. that…makes sense.  

there, now I see you in all your beauty. your hands are mine, your feet are mine, your hair, your cunt, your tits are mine. your belly, scars and all, is mine. 

i’m not…



are you defying me already? 

no sir…that is…i don’t mean to….

who is in charge here? 

you are sir

whose word is law?

that’s not fair, sir. of course your word is my law but–


that is the only butt you need worry about. My word IS your law. You are beautiful. You will repeat this every morning, while on your knees with a vibrator in your pussy. You will repeat it until you cum. Every morning you will begin your day knowing that you are beautiful. 

everyday? no exceptions? Easter? National Ice Cream Day? Mabon?

already you gain confidence in my care–you are beautiful. and a smartass. Yes. even on National Mustard Day, National Peach Blossom Day, and my personal favorite, Come and Take It Day.

*giggling* sir! 

kneel, slut


good girl. see, isn’t it good to obey? it feels so good. now say it. say it aloud. say it because I demand it. And while you say it, I’ll rub your greedy little pussy. It is a greedy little pussy, isn’t it? Yes, I thought so…that’s right. keep saying it….mmmmso wet, you slut!

i am beautiful–i am beautiful–i am beauti-*oh*-ful–i—ammmmooooooohhhhh–b–beaut——ooohhhh

finish the sentence and I’ll let you ‘finish’….


yes. you are.