If It’s Thursday, There Must Be Boobies!

Every mid-week, I get a funny little tickle in my tummy. Sometimes it is an “oh gawd what kind of pic can I post that I’ve not already done 100 times” kind of thing, and sometimes it is a “wow, I can’t wait to post THIS one” feeling.

All of it–the planning of the shot, or the planning of text–all are part of a very subtle submission. He told me a long while ago that it must ALWAYS be tits on Thursday, way back when HNT was a pretty new thing for me. The blogger who started HNT actually stopped doing it and when I mentioned it to my Man?

He flatly refused to have me stop.

“I don’t give a fuck. YOU will keep posting tit pix on Thursdays, little girl.”

yeah. 🙂

That ‘little girl” thrown in there adds its own little kick to my pussy–and the fact that this became an order to what had been a fun little past time? Ohhh. *fans face* That just makes it hot for me. He’s demanding a level of exhibitionism that I could take or leave. You can pretty much guess that every Thursday I wake up with a small level of nerves (wondering if peeps are out there saying….”there’s that nilla, showin’ her tits. Again. The little whore. Has she no pride at all, constantly flashing those big tits of hers?”) and a good helping of sex need because I’m doing something He wants more than I do.

Isn’t that fun?!

So for all of you who may roll your eyes and say “oh, that nilla, isn’t she to old to be flashing her girls?” you can skip today, but smile a bit knowing that even if you’ve rolled those eyes of yours, that I’m still sittin’ here all turned on. 🙂

And for everyone else? A bit of a moody picture that I took at bedtime to tweek the Master one night last week when He was ignoring me. Nothing makes Him text back to me faster than tit pix. *grins*

Happy  HNT!