So, I am sad to say this is another week with no fiction. I’m sorry, coz I know I left you hanging on two stories, my gosh. I had every intention of writing today (Thursday)…but you know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

It was supposed to rain here today. It had been forecast for a lovely morning with quickly deteriorating conditions. So rather than write, I decided to run my errands…always so much easier doing that, hauling kids, when it’s dry. So we did, and got home to find the contractor here and working (yay) and then I had to bake for the hungry little critters…and then and then and then…

Today was just one of those rare days when every time I looked at the clock another two hours had slipped past. It was crazy fun busy, I did several small organizing tasks that I was desperate to get to…and did. The house and children rather sucked me in and then it was time to go to work, and …here it is at 1015 at night and I’m wondering how a normal day can just pass by that quickly?

Tomorrow has an early start to it, and will continue the hurried pace as I go to work earlier than normal as well.

And it’s begun to rain…they are alleging that we’ll get three to five inches of rain Friday into Saturday. That is as much rain as we got from Hurricane Sandy! Sometimes when it rains that hard, my internet service goes down, so if you don’t hear from me, fret not, it’s likely the wet and internet mixing it up.

I got off the phone a bit ago from talking with Master. He does like to annoy me. He does it to get under my skin. It’s His way to shake, rattle and roll me up. Grrr! Currently He is tormenting me about Sunday. He won’t answer ANY questions. He just won’t. Red stiletto’s Master? or the Black n White pair?

I’m thinking sneaks, He says.


Where are we meeting Master?

I can’t make it. I have yardwork.


Master, can I have an O?

No fucking way. Look up S in a dictionary. Sl…Slu…

yes, Master…I see “slut”…and there’s my picture, I get it. But…?

But? But what?

If I’m not having orgasms am I *really* a slut?

He laughs. Loudly.

OH nilla, you are one fucking slut.

(thinks to self…definitely “not” fucking… but wisely refrains from saying it aloud!)

Masterrrr…won’t you tell me ANYTHING about Sunday?

It comes before Monday.


REally. I have to put up with this shit all the time. 🙂 He makes me crazy. I’m a planner. I guess it gets annoying to one who isn’t a planner. It’s His life lesson to me, to slow down and just go with HIS flow…

who knew, a submissive is supposed to go along with their Dom?



My issue here is that I’ve spent weeks and weeks being the Mom. Getting kids hither and yon, always knowing who needs to be where, and when. Planning is just part of my day-to-day dynamic.

Except for when it comes to Master.

I am NOT his Mommy. I am NOT in charge in this relationship. Just as I would when the doors close behind us? I need to let go, and let Him run the show.

He always manages to remind me very adroitly which of us is in charge…and it isn’t me. He does it with little conversations like the one above, tying me up in knots and not letting me know one thing that He doesn’t want me to. Reminding me, very subtly, that I don’t need to plan this. . . that He will tell me in His own time and space where and when.

REally…I still have lessons to learn…despite all our time together.

But….. I still wish I knew which shoes!