Gentle and Sadistic

I need to begin in the middle, for this is the part I remember the best. I am sitting here, Monday morning, trembly and sore and used.

Verrah used.

It was one of those frustrating days when time moved in huge chunks…flowing past at an alarming pace. I had to spend my morning at a family function; our longstanding agreement is that our kids come first.

It was one thirty by the time we got to our room. I was wearing a dress. Yes. A dress. Higher than my knee, even. 🙂 Pretty, flowy, and deep blue, I felt pretty for Him. Under the dress? Black lace bra and black boy-panties. I set my bags down, He grabbed me and threw me on the bed.

Pinned, He asked which was the bad ankle, then gently took off my sandal and beat me with it on my thigh, my ass. And then… feet.

Yes. He assaulted my feet. Oh! Not with the shoes…my ankle is in no way ready for bastinado play…no, He attacked my feet, the BASTARD, with His most lethal weapons…His fingers.

Light touches, then corkscrewing between my toes. Stretching my toes, curling my toes, then a single fingernail up the arch of my foot, making me gasp in full hysterics…

I laughed till I cried, and my pussy was wet, and then I’m on my back and He’s fingerfucking me to a MASSIVE orgasm…

The next time I saw the clock it was 330.  The next? 705. I had to be out the door by 730, and it was shocking to me that almost 4 hours had “evaporated” under the assaults of orgasms and pinching and laughter.

This was a joy-filled time together, with tons of cuddling and sneak-pinches on the belly, the ass, the tits. 🙂 It’s like He can’t keep still for 5 minutes.

At the end of it…and still this morning…I’m kinda blotto. My body isn’t badly bruised, but my ass and pussy are sore. There is a soft throb kind of everywhere.

I’m blissed out, and tired and well used…so many good parts…if you can stand it, there will be more of this in the days to come, as my brain unfogs and I remember with greater clarity.

I remember Him, fucking me furiously, totally pinned. I was moaning ‘no no” (not stop, nor safeword) because my pussy was so sore, so swollen…) and He growls in my ear “You know I love to take you like this…because I CAN, because it’s MINE, and *you* know you LOVE it when I do…”

I came like a NYC fireboat.

He’s right. I do love it when he TAKES, when He uses me hard and hangs me up wet. 🙂

There was a lot of face slapping, which is shocking and erotic.

“This hard?”

“harder, Sir”


“Too hard,” he says nodding. I nod in return, eyes welling. He slaps again, harder.


He looks into my eyes, holding me with just that look. And slaps the other cheek. It goes on like this, left cheek, right cheek, pauses. It hurts. Gosh. My ears are ringing and I’m dizzy from pain and –being turned on. He pushes me back on the bed, laughs when He finds how wet I am, pushes me through another orgasm, just because He can.

That’s the theme here…”because He can”.

And because I like it that He can, wouldn’t have it any other way.



(one totally blotto slut, no idea the Man had even taken this pic)