Those of you who know me a bit, know that I’m a wise-ass, and tend to “push the envelope” of proper behavior…in real life as well as being a submissive goes.

I’m going to obey. Mostly. 🙂 With…you know, a twist of nilla. I’m just wired that way, and He accepts that…He is not a protocol-driven Dom. I don’t have to count spanks, or say “thank you Sir” after every swat. As He points out, He’s been doing this sort of stuff since I was a teenager. (I know, right? 🙂  Also known as a “very long time, nilla”). Seriously, He was in the scene in Europe when I was in High School.  And likely when I was still a virgin (isn’t THAT an odder thought?)

Anyhow, I digress. He’s not stuck on protocols, He does things that please Him. I’m fine with that, too. He is strict about other things, like when I can cum, or eating ice cream…and it’s the level and need that work for us as a couple. This is a relationship, not just scene after scene after scene, and if he wanted to micromanage someone, He’d get a dog (or so He said to me once).

The other day He said something humorous but also obnoxious to me, and I swore I would attack His “little man nipples” during playtime.

I tried.

I really, really tried. We wrestled and wrangled, and hell, He may be older than me, but He is strong as a bull.

“Enough of this shit,” He mutters under His breath, and leaves me on the bed with the single command “stay”. It’ s a direct order. Of *course* I obey. I only push on the things I have wiggle room on, silly!

He turns back with the velcro cuffs. Oh fuck! Now I’ll *never* get His nips! I lunge for Him, He pushes me back, and quickly cuffs my dominant hand. I tussle, He pins me, and despite using all my reserves of guile and strength (I can’t even show Him this because He might hurt Himself laughing on that last bit there), He successfully grabs my other wrist, cuffing it, then grabs the length of “leash” between my wrists and tugs my hands up over my head.

“no,” He says, and flips me onto my belly, then proceeds to tug me off the bed, headfirst. I’m now braced on my fingertips, His arm over my ass, pinning me in place.


He moves away, then quickly back, and I feel a squirt into my crack. uh oh.

His finger saws in and out of my asshole, lubing it, then slides into my pussy.

“You’re so fucking wet, you whore,” He laughs.

And shoves this REALLY large double vibe into my ass and pussy and fucks me hard. I cum almost instantly. Something in my ass is one thing…but double insertion AND a vibe AND upside down? I’m lost, panting, confuddled, blood rushing to my head, my ass stretched around the big tool, my pussy squirting. I came multiple times.

Finally I hear His voice from far away…

“Had enough, slut?”

I mumble something like ‘yezzir…uhmmmmm” and cum again.

He laughs, pulls out the vibe, and lifts me by my shoulders, back up onto the bed.

I’m messed up, hair, mascara, lipstick smeared all over my face. He brushes away my hair, grinning at me.

“Leave my nipples alone, got it?”

I giggle.

I can’t help it, it is very amusing to this slut. I shake my head.

He tugs my wrists over my head, lays His elbow on the cording between, pinning me, and begins pinching and biting *my* nipples.

Tit for tat, I guess.