Comin’ to Town!

I was going to title that “Santa Claus isn’t coming to town”…but it sounded too cheesy.

And really, this isn’t about cheese, it’s about excitement. (I know, that just put a very strange picture in your head didn’t it? Me too! Obviously my mind is not as cleared of subspace as I had thought it was. *laughing*)

So let’s get to the meat of this..Oh..wait…was that a sexual reference? My good friend and fellow erotic writer Will Crimson tells me that euphemisms for body parts aren’t always the best way to get the point across however…

*laughing more*

This isn’t about that, either.

I’m having company.

Erotic company.

Or more specifically, a fellow erotic blogger company. Doubtless many of you read Sofia over at  In Loving Submission (you do, right? because if you don’t you are really missing something sweet and sexy and special!). The big news is that she is coming to my neck of the woods for a work thing. When she discovered how close I am to where she will be going, we made it work that she’d stay here for the weekend before she has to go off to do her work-related thing. I’m really excited to be meeting yet another blogging companion!! Getting to know someone on the other side of the monitor should be a blast! I hope she likes cats! And kids! And weeding gardens…okay, perhaps I won’t put her to work weeding on her first visit… *laughs*.  That is my stock answer to “what is there to do up there in New England, nilla”…weed the gardens. The only people comfortable swimming in the Atlantic are from Canada, who believe that our water temp of 52° (well, it might not be that warm quite yet) is actually hot-tub temperature. All the rest of you non-northern climes would likely turn blue. Of course, we do too, but we like it. 🙂 But worry not, I won’t let Sofia go in the water. I don’t think I should let her swim in a local lake either. Though the ice is getting pretty thin these days.

KIDDING! The ice has been gone for several weeks now. 🙂

The best part is that I’ve managed to finangle a Yes from Master for meeting her. I am excited to show off my delightful Dom to her. (I’ve not told Him to be on His best behavior though…she’ll have to see the shit I have to put up with (laughing…that’s what HE always says about ME!)

I’m excited for her to see my home, to sit and talk about things behind the scenes, to natter on about other blog friends. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to welcoming her! I always wonder if it will be awkward…I mean, I’ve shown a lot of me on my blog, she’s shared equally intimate (her word pictures are every bit as evocative as my nekkid pix, don’t you think? Maybe even moreso) things on hers, yet we’ll meet under purely vanilla circumstances. It will be nice to put a face to a name, and a voice to the one I “hear” when I read her words.

Next weekend! We’ll be sure to share–and I promise to keep her out of the water. 🙂


37 thoughts on “Comin’ to Town!

    1. I laughed SO hard at your auto-correct… 🙂 Thanks andi!

      Someday, andi darlin’ when you feel like a journey north…:) Coz I have to tell you, nilla and hot southern heat do NOT mix well… :(….

      But I’d still love to meet you. I feel like we’ve been friends forever.

      1. Oh darling, I’m leaving the north now. But Seattle north not yours.

        I promise you Andi and the already 90 degree Southern heat do not mix well either. I’m just accustomed to it. But this Seattle weather …. Well it’s very satisfying. I don’t have to shampoo my hair twice a day here!!!

        And we have been friends for ever, one millisecond is a lifetime and will travel until this Earth is no more. We have met before and will again over and over. Even after these vessels are gone.

        All my love

      2. yes…i deeply agree we’ve known each other before. And I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. If you stay? I’d love to visit someday. Have *always* wanted to visit Seattle. Home of Starbucks, after all. 🙂


      3. We will see about Seattle! I visit Manchester next year, if I’m a rich girl I’ll invite you there. 🙂

        And yes I’ve had plenty of Starbucks since I’ve been here lol.

      4. oh whoa! Neat! You’ll get to see if Big Ben really is big. 🙂 and look at old churchs and wander through the countryside and….

    1. well rw, if you’re not beating your slave, marking her, making her whimper and squirm, you must be doin’ something wrong. (or else youve forgotten the D in the d/s equation.)

      ps sometimes it amazes me the things people say to get attention…*shakes head*

  1. Yay! I’m so happy for you!! I’ve been the blogger-in-the-area before, and it was a little nerve-wracking, but then we talked for 6 solid hours…it was GREAT!

    1. it is nerve-wracking. and exciting! Back in the day when aisha blogged, I went down south and met her, and *almost* met Molly & Mick from UCTMW…and did meet Donna and Bill (who both comment here)…it’s exciting and fun and you wind up making friends for life (I still talk to her sometimes and she is doing well with her life, btw. She knows her blogging voice is missed.). There is nothing quite like meeting someone in real life! So I’m deliciously excited!


      1. thanks kayla…me too. Always interesting to put face/voice to the ones in my head….wait…that didn’t come out like how I mean it…:)


    1. I just went out and did a yard tour…except I can’t get into my backyard as it is one muddy mess…and just shook my head. At least the rain has helped my transplants get a toe hold. Don’t think I’ve lost a one of them!


    1. nodding…isn’t it unfair that the fun times always do, and the other times, like …weeding…don’t? 🙂


      1. it’s okay…I grok, I do. And someday I’ll head to where you all are, or you’ll head up here and we’ll meet. I know there are blog idols that I want to meet, too!


    1. well abby if you’re ever headed to the northeast…or i head your way…maybe we will make it work!


  2. Omg, you didn’t tell me about the WEEDING!! Yikes! But no worries, i’ll stay far away from 52 degree weather, i just hope the temp’s higher than that!

    I’m excited about meeting – and i’m particularly looking forward to meeting your Master. That will be a treat!



    1. oh, I didn’t mention weeding? Hmmm, and I thought I had (giggles). No, no 52 degree water for you, you southern rosebud you! It’s not supposed to be super warm up here next week, so bring a sweater (and I have plenty to spare.) I’m trying to not make tons of plans but you know I have a few thoughts of things to do. Cramming into a few days is the issue, so I might have to forego the weeding part. I know, it’s disappointing after I’ve planted the idea (bad, bad pun nilla…!)


  3. Such a wonderful time you two will have.
    Unless it has just rained.. forget about the weeding.. sit around and drink iced tea and visit!

    1. When hasn’t it “just rained” around here? It’s like fucking seattle. Seriously. ONe day of in and out sun and a LOT of wind…and more rain tomorrow/Friday…this is getting weird…we often get rain in June in the northeast….just not 3 inches each time and certainly not 3 times in the same week…that’s NINE inches of rain in a week, when we usually see that over a period of 4 months! egads! Weeds? They’ve Taken ove—–

  4. Meeting blogger friends is THE BEST! I’ve met 2 so far and it was so much fun! Have a great time weeding 😉

    1. oh…how neat is that!? Blogging friends are neat. It’s like you know them from the inside out, right? We’ll have SO much fun weeding…(nilla pauses, suddenly realizing that she may be scaring away a ton of visitors because of the dicey situation outside…)


    1. thanks Rose! I’m thinking we’ll tear up the …weeds… lmao…

      likely we’ll drink lots of tea and talk our ears off!


    1. 🙂 naaah…I’m just a regular, middle aged, kinda boring Mom. (ive been told I’m the most boring mom, ever. Really)

      And I laugh. A lot. A LOT. 🙂 Life is funny…you have to laugh.


  5. We will hear the “Squeeee!” clear out here. 🙂 I hope the two of you have a lot of fun.

    As for that North Atlantic dip… Try the North Sea! Or the Channel. BTDboth. Brrr!

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