The Question

Feet aching, she attempted to wiggle them a bit in the elevator as it rose to the 9th floor. Only a few more minutes and she could shuck her  young urban professional self, and just relax. If there hadn’t been people in the elevator, she might have considered removing the stiletto’s now, yet she had a carefully polished image to maintain. But damn her toes ached.

The car settled, the doors opened and she stepped out, right into the path of her neighbor as he was stepping in. He smelled of pine soap and man musk, she thought, her nose buried against his chest for just a moment.

“Do I pass the sniff test?” His voice, deeply amused echoed around her head, and she stepped back into the elevator in horror. She hadn’t just sniffed him, had she?

“Whoa, steady there.” Grabbing her forearms he twirled them until he was in the elevator and she, thoroughly bemused and embarrassed, was in the hallway. She flushed crimson as the doors closed, as he took a huge breath as if he was sniffing the air, and let it out with a laugh she heard even as the elevator whirred away.

The unspeakable man! Taunting her, after such an …. accident. Yes, for certainly it was only an accident that had her nose buried deep between his pec’s. Her nipples rose, pressing against the pink silk of her bra. Mentally shaking herself, she turned and headed down the corridor to her door, pondering the merits of taking the stairs tomorrow so as to not run into her neighbor for a few days.

Nerves jangled, she dropped her keys. Stooping to get them, her portfolio slipped from under her arm, papers sliding willy-nilly. You’d think in such a computer age that all this paperwork would be moot, but no. Corporate backed everything up with paper contracts, which were now strewn all over in front of her door. She shot her key into the lock, then got down on all fours and began gathering them up. Sliding them together, and promising to sort them later, she squealed in shock at the sound of clapping behind her.

“Quite the view there, princess.”

She closed her eyes. No. It just couldn’t be. She’d just …

“I thought you were heading down,”  she said tersely.

“Was….but was thinking about whether or not I passed, so I came back up.”

“Passed?” Awkwardly, cheeks once again flushed, she rose. “Oh fuck it,” she finished, and toed off her shoes. Wiggling her toes against the carpet was just this side of heaven. She refused to turn and look at him. Turning the key in the lock, she slid the portfolio onto the table just inside her door, then kicked her stiletto’s inside. Holding the doorknob in her hand, she turned to look at him, the safety of the cold metal door of her home at her back.

“Passed what?” She repeated, as he just stood there, that annoying man-smirk on his mouth.

“You know. . . your sniff test. Did I pass? Or do you need to check again?”

He took a step, and another. Her heartbeat tripled, and she stifled the urge to fall into her apartment and slam the door. He would not intimidate her on her home turf!

“Well?” He stood inches from her, all six-feet-plus of him, so close that his body heat radiated out to her. As if called forth by him, her nipples snapped to attention. She was breathless, aroused, annoyed.

“Well, of course…I mean, I’m not qualified…Jesus! You’re so fucking mortifying! It was an accident, you moron!”

He eased closer.

“Such naughty words from such a lovely mouth.”

Bending, his lips paused just over hers, as their eyes clashed.

“What will you do, I wonder, when I kiss that dirty little mouth?”

Her lips parted, not in invitation, but to verbally spank him. Yet he took it as such, and nuzzled his lower until they barely rested on hers. She could have pulled away. She could have let the door fall open, and step back. She rose to her tiptoes, pressing her mouth to his. He pulled back.

She rolled her eyes.

“Are you taunting me on purpose?”

“You haven’t answered my question.”

“I–I’ll kiss you back then send you on your way.”

“Really? You don’t want me to grab your hands, and pull them behind you as my mouth devours yours? You wouldn’t like it if I ran my fingers into your hair, pulling out that sexy bun, let it fall to your back, and tangled my hand there?”

She swallowed hard, feeling her breath hitch.

“Your nipples are already begging for my fingers to pinch them, for my lips to suck them, for my teeth to bite and tug them.”

He took a step, pushing her back against the door, which would have flown inward, had she not been holding the knob. She stepped backwards, into her home, and he followed.

“Tell me you don’t want me to push you over your couch and spank your bottom until it’s as red as your cheeks are now. Tell me you don’t want me to use your pantyhose to bind you to the bed while I tease your body, making you wet and ready for me to fuck? Tell me you don’t and I’ll go.”

The whimper came from her belly. He knew. She wasn’t sure how he had found out about her kinky fantasies, but his words spoke to her deepest desires, one’s she’d only written on her private blog.


His smile was full of hunger. And he smelled so damn good. His body pressed against hers, and she felt his heat, his rising cock against her belly. She imagined as she had so many times on her blog, that same hardness slipping into her.

“You’ve been hijacking my internet. I can read whatever you’ve posted when it’s up–doesn’t matter that it’s private. You have some pretty –interesting–fantasies. The question now is, are you ready for the reality?”

Her silent acceptance would have been enough, but it was the small smile on her lips that said yes louder than words.

His hand moved to the door, swinging it closed, then rose to her hair.