A New Day…

I’ve been having the best time! Did I say that last night? Ah, well, it bears repeating.

Sofia is the easiest of guests…and I don’t mean that in a slutty way. (laughs) She is fun and insightful and my kids and wife adore her. (Not that that’s unexpected, right?) We’ve done a few local things, walking and a street fair nearby…and she was as happy watching the fire trucks roll by with air horns honking as my daughter was. It was a good day, with sun and fun and laughter and street pizza and gelato and cookies. It’s really nice to hang out with someone who enjoys doing simple things like a local street fair (there are a lot of colorful people here, as I’m sure there are everywhere!)

Getting to meet Jz at the end of the day was as sweet as the frosting on my red velvet cupcake. She is as boldly honest IRL as she is on her blog, and has a great laugh. And she’s tall. Okay, that may be a misnomer, since really? I’m short and she’s likely “normal”…and both her and sofia’s smiles light up a room. It is really neat to meet a fellow blogger–to get to meet two of them? It’s super special.

Later today sofia will meet The Man. I’m excited. I made sure to make a run to Michael’s to refurbish my supply of heart stickers. 🙂 And while she’s commented on her blog that I’m the Domme of my house (yeah, kinda hard to be submissive when running a house with 4 kids, right?) –when Master is in the room? Okay, I’m *still* a smartass…and teasy….but there is never a doubt which of us is in charge.

What else lies ahead? Maybe some dancing, some touristy stuff, a trek into the Big City, and who knows what all we’ll get ourselves into. That’s the fun of company — no plans, just let things roll as they will.

Enjoy your Sunday!

(I get to see Master after two weeks without Him…woot woot woot!!!)