Three Sluts Walked Into A Restaurant….

It’s late, I’m desperately overtired, but I have to post this picture. It is Jz, sofia, and me, nilla the slut. Well, we’re all sluts, aren’t we? I just read somewhere the phrase “the dreaded smiley face” so I’m reluctant to use that fun little icon but picture me smiling. Because getting to meet and talk and share a slice of ourselves was frigging awesome.

I know the thing I MOST wanted, wayyyy back when I first started reading blogs, when I was too scared to even consider writing one, I wanted to SEE these people who led these fabulous lives. I wanted to see the marks their dominant ones left on them. I wanted to know the color of their hair, what their eyes looked like–I wanted to know them.

Hmmm…I just used all past tense. Interesting, that. Because the curiosity is there. And I know several people, bloggers, who are IRL friends/facebook friends, who know one another. But in a lifestyle that could be so potentially harmful if one teeny slip occurred, it is very hard to want to post something that could out one of us.

In fact, I’m pretty laissez-faire about it. I don’t WANT to be outed, of course, but I have trust that my fellow FB friends stand to lose as much as I would should there be outing. 🙂 (drat…I used the smiley icon. OMG I’m no longer a credible writer, am i? *am laughing my butt off here*)

But I have a Master who watches out/over me, and helps me work through the minefields of my attitude. . . who strictly monitors what i post for pictures here. Although I have not run this one by Him formally, I’m sure He’ll approve of my posting of my new REAL-life friends, Jz and sofia. 🙂 BTW…that impressive rack in the middle is NOT mine. 🙂 That’s some *impressive* boobage. I’ll let her identify if she so chooses… LOL….

crop-3So…three sluts walk into a restaurant, and wind up getting kicked out.. okay, it was three hours from when we walked in….”We’re terribly sorry, but we’re about to close….”

The poor dear trails off, obviously desperate to catch some Saturday night action of her own, which doesn’t include nurturing 3 obviously silly older gals who are hooting and laughing and generally causing a ruckus. We packed our selves out and headed out into the night, Jz helpfully guiding us to where we parked our car. We slid off into the gloaming, happy, tired, a bit hoarse, yet so full –and not just from the meal–but from one another.

And now, dear peeps, although it is morning as you read, most likely, it is late, and I’m so tired. That sofia. She just exhausted me (laughing my BUTT off, sister!!!)!