Snippets and Thoughts

I know you all are just dying to find out about Master from sofia, aren’t you? I’ll tell you a little secret…me too! Of course I want her to like Him. Will she be as charmed by him as I am? Doubtful—because I think it’s very different looking at us from the outside in. We’ve had a long time to build our dynamic, and some of it is very silly, and some of it is very intense, and some of it is vanilla, and at the bottom, the base of it? Is His underlying Dominance.

I smacked His shoulder while we were fooling around and she gasped out loud.

“You…you…hit Him…” she said, her face totally amazed (and perhaps a bit aghast. I wonder if she thought for just one moment that He’d smack the fuck out of me there in public for being overbold?)

“No, she’s allowed.” He says in a calm, just slightly amused voice.  And it’s true. I touch, I prod, I run my finger up and down his arms, I catch his fingers and kiss them now and again–and I do try to reach the Man nipples (oh those are SO off-limits!).

He reminds me later, and sofia, that it may not look like He’s keeping a tally, and He may well forget specific infractions, but there is a bill, and it will be paid later. She laughs, a wonderful rich laugh, and I’m grinning. She gets it.

He comments on my hair, first time he’s seen the ‘fixed’ color and blessedly, he approves. He notes that He’s not overly concerned with the color…but that I damn well better not ever cut it (must have prior approval)…because He likes it just where it is now, mid-back. (And longer is fine…just NO shorter!) He takes my ponytail and plays with it, crooking my head back so I’m staring skyward, pushing my face almost into the table, but never so hard as to make me wince–just move quickly with Him. He demonstrates how easily He can control me, I think, and I’m just smitten.

He pinches, too, making me wince and talk all fumble-tongued. It happens so fast, my fall into subspace.

And He shows her His favorite picture of me (which really freaked me out because He HAD threatened me that He might show her one of my videos. Yes. There are video’s of nilla being fucked by that guest Dom last fall.) I grab his hand, and she says, “oh, I saw that one…that was on your blog, nilla!”

And I’m so relieved. Yeah, the one where I’m totally blotto on the bed. He tells sofia its his favorite thing to do to me, make me totally out of it…so He can get a few minutes peace. 🙂 Silly Man.

And it made me so happy. To share him with her, of course. But to see Him again after 3 weeks apart. We’ve rarely had times when we didn’t connect again soon after a meet…and this time it just didn’t work out that way for us. I felt myself just melting into His presence. My back relaxes, my head quiets and calms, even my breathing is deeper, slower.

He affects me.

He feeds me bits and pieces of Himself, and rewires me so that I feel like myself, only better.





That electric moment when He looks at me, when we are gazing at one another, me challenging, He saying without words…’oh yeah, little girl? You think?”…and my eyes falling as I slide deeper down into Him.

He kisses me tenderly, then flicks his tongue into my mouth as he tickles me into the car. I watch Him walking away, and swallow the lump in my throat. I miss Him, and yet He’s managed to top me up so I don’t feel despondent at leaving.

He’s really good at that, that filling me up thing.

He’s really good for me.