Am I Boring You Yet?


frankly I’m amazed I have any readers with all this real life stuff I’ve been posting and almost zero stories…but wait…isn’t real life a story, too? Oh yes…not a “storybook romance” in typical vanilla fashion, but definitely a story.

I wish I had some erotica to sprinkle in…only thoughts of His hand weaving into my hair as He kisses me brainless, His hand smacking me–hip, ass, thigh, arm–stinging, hurting, and feeling so right. Being so amazingly high as He fucks me silly, or pinches me, or bites. He is a wicked fierce biter, and it hurts like fuck-all, and makes me whimper and purr.

But this for now is fantasy. The reality of a meet is still weeks away, maybe more if we can’t make the timing work for us. But I’ll still get to see Him after work this weekend and that helps.

One of the things I have been meaning to mention is about Felt Tips, that sensual anthology that I got my first published story in. Thus far it is only available in e-format, and it has made just over $2500 in six months, which is phenomenal! No one of us is making any money on it; all the profits are going to charity. Which one? Adopt-A-Classroom, which says that for every dollar sent they can get about $25 dollars in school supplies for kids classrooms. And isn’t it rather reprehensible that we have to have fundraisers for school supplies for children, but we (as a country) have no trouble  making giant flying bombs? (not going there today, just a mini rant–if one sentence actually equals a rant)

So all that is good news. Eventually the book will come out in paperback so we’re hoping to at least double our take — well, I am anyway. So, if you’re in the mood for a sexy set of office erotica, do browse your e-book shop and look for Felt Tips!

On a different note…

Did I mention that when I was helping sofia decide what to pack to come here, that the forecast was for cooler than normal, no heat in sight? Last week was so chilly we had all the windows closed…but of course we still wore shorts…its summer even if it’s only 62° out! But I thought that since she’s from the south, that she’d be freezing if she came up here and it was that cool, not to mention how frigging cold Boston can be with the sea breeze, which can easily drop the temperatures 15°-20° if the east wind kicks up, something that happens a LOT at this time of the year. It’s great for the City folks, while we central people are roasting (the phenomenon only extends about 10 miles inland, though once in a while it will push a bit further inland…but never as far as we are.)

Late Thursday night I happen to watch the weather. My week was pretty chaotic with my spouse gone to the left coast for work, so my weather watching time was greatly diminished. Did I almost shit a brick when the forecaster says “heat wave for New England” starting Friday and extending through the weekend and into this week?  You bet I did. I got ahold of sofia and let her know the update, but really? When she got here she was all “oh, it’s fine, it’s like home…a bit cooler actually.” While I’m standing there, sweat pouring down my back, my face red, my arms getting sunburnt, feeling like someone had stuck me in a sauna, there she is, cool as a cucumber. 🙂

All in what you’re used to, right?

So, one more funny sofia and Master story and then I need to get my butt in gear and do something productive. 🙂

Between calling sofia by her vanilla name, as well as her blogging name, I was confusing Master. “Wait…is this the same one?” He said to me on more than one occasion. After a while, He decided that He was going to call her by a different name. (He can be that way, you know!) The name He decided to call her?  Was Ralph. (insert sounds of cackling laughter from me…)

“Ralph?” I struggle to say, between bouts of hysterical giggles.

“Really, Master? Ralph? You won’t use it to her face?”

“Sure I will.”

So I think, He’s just trying to get my goat. Just tweaking me. Don’t you know He DID say it to her? Thankfully she was forewarned, and we laughed about it, but really, Ralph? Laughing, just laughing. He is a nut that way. We share a very strange humor –Master and nilla–and here I spent most of my life thinking *I* was the only one wired that strangely! NOT! And isn’t it lovely that we found one another in the first place?

And even better that we find one another *that* funny after all this time together?


*insert goofy, lovesick smile here*





11 thoughts on “Am I Boring You Yet?

  1. LOL! Ralph eh? teeheehee….

    I’m so glad that you two had a good time. Even better that the meeting with your Master went well. 🙂 wicked sense of humor indeed.

    Remind me to Never let him and Wolf meet. We would be in such trouble. And then they’d get those toys as pictured above out.

  2. Nilla, if someone told me to describe you in 100 words…..boring would not make the list..not in blog world, nor from what i know about your real life. I love that you and Master share a sense of humor, i consider that one of those things we don’t go “looking for”…..but is such a wonderful bonus!
    hugs abby

    • thanks abby…sometimes I know I am boring, but I’m glad that you don’t feel that way. 🙂

      hugs and smiles…


  3. Hmmm, need a good flogging? Love your banner head.

    You are totally frenetic with this post. A million little bits at whirlwind speed. Love it all!


    • You picked up on that banner fast didn’tcha? LOL! Yes, I need a super good beating. 🙂 Who says that kind of thing? But yet, it’s exactly what I need. My head has been going in 50 different directions for 2 weeks, and I’m not settling well at night..


  4. life is a story we write everyday, we are the writers and can decide how the story goes! Love the the fiction as well as the real life!

    • Hey Rose….nice to see you back. I see you posted a new blogpost too, and I need to carve out some time to go read it (my life is strangely chaotic this week!)


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