HNT–It’s Hot In Here…

It is too. Damn. Hot.

I don’t like it this hot.

I don’t like it one little bit.

Then again, it is a good excuse to lay on top of my sheets and take some titty pix for my Master…and you. 🙂 Happy HNT!


*am promising to get caught up on replies to your comments starting today!*

18 thoughts on “HNT–It’s Hot In Here…

  1. I haven’t been able to keep up with your blog the past week or so. Our granddaughter has been visiting the past week and will be here for about two weeks more. I’ll catch up with you when I can.

  2. Love the sheets…it’s like a runway leading to your cleavage, hahahaha.

    Oh, girl, seriously…it’s not even July or August….you can’t complain about the heat yet 🙂


    • Until today it’s been in the 90’s for 5 days…tooo hot after being in the 60’s the week before. . . by August I’ll at least be a bit more used to it…(not that I’m ever “used” to it)…but that’s why I said it was too damned hot!


    • oh my…central air is something that not many of us in the northeast have (‘m sure the mcmansions do, but then again who knows, right?) Today it’s 67 and foggy…so I am a much relieved girl (in a tank top and shorts! this is *my* kind of weather!)


      • Well, no more central air for me. We had to move to a much smaller, older house, and are relearning how to deal with the heat. Its been in the nineties and higher all week.


    • got myself a “column” fan (a small room for my small room) and it is GORGEOUS…I’m one of those weird folks that has a very hard time sleeping to white noise. My dau needed one when she was a baby, and the constant whooosh almost drove me mad!


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